How do I apply to Maritzburg College?

Please ensure that you apply to more than one high school as there is a limit to the number of boys we are able to accommodate in the boarding establishment and in the classrooms.

In order for your son to apply to Maritzburg College and to be considered, please download and complete the relevant application form for the year of entry and return it to the school with:

  • an unabridged copy of your son’s birth certificate
  • a passport size photo of your son
  • a copy of his Grade 6 December report (If you are applying for Grades 9-12, we require a copy of the previous year’s December report together with his latest report for the current year)
  • a copy of your son’s Clinic Card (proof of vaccination)
  • a copy of both parents’ ID documents
  • a copy of the most recent Utility bill

Please download and complete the application form below:

Application for 2018

Application form to start 2019

Application form to start 2020


Once the application form has been downloaded and completed, and all supporting documentation gathered, please hand deliver your application to the school, OR post to:

The Admissions Secretary – Maritzburg College
PO Box 398

Letters acknowledging receipt of applications will be posted, and these will also provide further details regarding the admissions process. No application fee is payable. However, an acceptance deposit of R3 100 (for day boys) and R7 300 (for boarders) will be payable if your son is accepted.

The school fees for 2018, excluding the acceptance deposit, are made up as follows:

  • Tuition for Form 2 (Grade 8) is R47 200*
  • Tuition for Form 3 to 6 (Grade 9 to 12) is R44 525
  • Boarding for Form 2 (Grade 8), including the differential rate, is R117 300* (ie R70 100 boarding fee + R47 200
    tuition fee).
  • Boarding for Form 3 to 6 (Grade 9 to 12) is R111 425 (ie R66 900 boarding fee + R44 525 tuition fee)

* Due to investment in HR and IT, and significant Capex expansion in the Boarding Establishment, there is a differential fee for the Form 2 (Grade 8) intake.

Please Note:

  • The fees for 2019 will increase, but please note that the exact increase will only be finalised at the Parents’ AGM to be held in Term 4.
  • Applications for Grade 8 open at the start of the Grade 6 year, and close at the end of February of the Grade 7 year. Due to the large number of applications we receive, we prefer applications to be submitted in the Grade 6 year.
  • Applications for Grade 9 – 12 may be made at any time during the year, but as the school is full at the start of each year, we will only be able to accept new boys if somebody leaves Maritzburg College.