Golf at Maritzburg College

Golf has gone from strength to strength since becoming an official sport at the school. Under the guidance of dedicated coaches, our boys are offered the opportunity to develop their game and improve through regular competition, all year round.

Golf at Maritzburg College began in 1991 but only became an official school sport in 1993. Boys participated in the Midlands League for two years to prove their commitment to the sport before it gained the status of an official school sport.

The Midlands League was set up in 1991 and was run by Maritzburg College from its inception until 2012. This league is now organised by an Inland committee headed up by Mr B Flanegan of Michaelhouse.
The golf team is generally made up of all single-figure handicaps and the boys are able to play golf throughout the year, meaning they can specialise in the sport. A bus travels to the golf course or driving range four days a week, enabling boys to play golf as well as another sport. Those who select only golf have the opportunity to play or practise at least twice a week.

College has produced numerous KZN representatives and four SA U18 players. A number of our players have also gone on to the USA on golf scholarships.

Schools League

Boys play a nine hole medal Stableford round on a Friday afternoon in the first term. There are also three 18 hole tournaments which are used to select a Midlands team to play against the Coastal team, and thereafter a KZN team is selected.

Golf is also played against a number of top schools in the province, and recently a number of teams from outside the province have started playing against College during inter-school exchanges.

Annual Events

A School Championship is held on an annual basis, where all the boys who play are able to take part and a champion for the year is established.

Provincial and National Tournaments

The school team takes part in the KZN Foundation Tournament. A champion school is then chosen to represent the province at a national event.

A KZN Schools’ Championship is held where a KZN Schools’ team is selected to represent the province in an SA Schools strokeplay tournament. An SA Schools team is then selected.

  • 1993 MAG Barnes
  • !994 SN McLoughlin
  • 1995 CA Salter
  • 1996 ARG Ross
  • 1997 D Vella
  • 1998 DP Ferreira
  • 1999 DA Pitot
  • 2000 D Couperthwaite
  • 2001 J Rose-Innes
  • 2002 GH Dickenson
  • 2003 WP Thornhill
  • 2004 CG van der Merwe
  • 2005 CG van der Merwe
  • 2006 SR Thackeray
  • 2007 C Kruger
  • 2008 AJ Fourie
  • 2009 L Rattray
  • 2010 R Kay – Hards
  • 2011 S Stroëbel
  • 2012 Z Pelzer
  • 2013 M Mitchell
  • 2014 M DeMatteis
  • 2015 C Reed
  • 2016 C Reed

KZN Schools A Team

  • A Pauls 2009
  • M Mitchell 2010 & 2012
  • S Stroebel 2011
  • R Swanepoel 2012
  • M Mitchell (Captain) 2013

KZN Schools B Team

  • R Quarmby; 2011
  • N Swanepoel 2011
  • Z Pelzer 2010
  • R Van Niekerk 2010
  • D Mullis 2009
  • S Stroebel 2009

KZN Foundation

  • ARG Ross; 1995
  • ARG Ross (C); 1996
  • D Vella; 1997
  • D Couperthwaite; 1999
  • D Couperthwaite, D Rosewall; 2000
  • GH Dickenson, C Appel; 2001
  • N Schietekat (Captain); 2002
  • GH Dickenson; 2003
  • CG van der Merwe; 2005
  • M Mitchell; 2010
  • M Mitchell; 2011
  • M Mitchell, R Swanepoel; 2012
  • M Mitchell (Captain); 2013

SA Schools Golf and SA Foundation Golf

  • M. Ireland (1985)
  • A.R.G Ross (1996)
  • N. Schietekat (2001)
  • R. Swanepoel (2012)

National Representation Senior (Open)

  • N. Schietekat