2020 English Olympiad Results | Maritzburg College

2020 English Olympiad Results

2020 English Olympiad Results

Celebrating Outstanding Results in the 2020 English Olympiad

Congratulations to our top achievers for their excellent achievements in the English Olympiad written in March this year.

A special mention is made of Kevin Hansen (5th Form) who received a Diamond award (80% plus) and was placed 26th out of the top 100 Home Language Candidates.


Matthew Darch 6 Snow & Prefect Bronze
Raihaan Hassim 6 Snow Silver
Thapelo-Joshua Mkhize 6 Forder Gold
Murray Whyte 5 Forder Silver
Morgan Pearson 5 Barns Gold
Kevin Hansen 5 Forder Diamond
Abuzar Chowdhury 5 Pape Silver
James Lalor 5 Lamond Bronze
Jonathan-Samual Klapprodt 5 Commons Bronze
Joren Peens 4 Fuller Silver
Justin Kufal 3 Pape Participation
Tadiwanashe Madzimure 3 Calder Unclassified
Zethn Desebrook 3 Barns Merit


D – Diamond (80% plus)
G – Gold (70-79%)
S – Silver (60-69%)
B – Bronze (50-59%)
M – Merit (40-49%)
P – Participation (0-39%)
U – unclassified (Did not complete paper/answers insufficient)