2020 NSC Matric Results | Maritzburg College

2020 NSC Matric Results

2020 NSC Matric Results

Our best Matric Results in more than 10 years!

NSC Results 2020 – Subject to final confirmation

Congratulations to the Matric Class of 2020

We are very pleased to share the 2020 National Senior Certificate results.  The 6th Form class of 2020 have done themselves and their school extremely proud, producing the best overall results at the top level in over 10 years. A total of 13 boys achieved 7 As or more, which is an incredible achievement under extremely difficult circumstances and we congratulate them warmly. Our sincere appreciation and thanks to the dedicated staff who supported these young men so completely.

They achieved a 100 % pass rate and an 89% Bachelors’ Pass with Ishalin Maharaj our Dux ( ENGHL 89, AFRFA 89, MATH 97, LIFE 90, EGD 94, LFSC 92, PHSC 92) being placed 2nd in the district. Sandesh Kidsingh achieved 8 As [ENG 85, AFR 87, MATHS 89, LO 91, ACC 93, ECO 93, IT 80, PHYS SC 86] which is a very significant achievement .

Our top achievers for 2020 are:


8 Distinctions S Kidsingh
7 Distinctions  I Maharaj, M Zunckel , T Katzenellenbogen, M Smith, S Zondi, P Elliot, Z Osman, H Moosa [100% Economics], Y Atwaru, M Darch, K Hough, T Mohabir
6 Distinctions T Mbatha, AJ Westley, Y Naidoo, J Muggleton, J Moses
5 Distinctions T Thulsie, N Bengu, J du Toit, R Hassim, H Mewalall, LV Mosiea, R Price
4 Distinctions  J Bense, D Bruyns, M Kelly, J Lowe, D Moodley, G Nel, B Pepworth, X Pretorius, N Qwabe, T Rasmussen, C Venter
3 Distinctions  R Akerman, H Alli, H Anderson, O Beauclerk, J Cumming, L de Rose, B Dry, M Els, C Groeneveld, W Horn, U Kweyama, B Mazoue, N Mndaweni, M Moosa, L Muller, N Ndlovu, U Ngcobo, Z Nzimande, T Phiri, C Shaw , L Skhosana, M Thomas, I Vally, N Whatmore

There were  410  subject distinctions and the following boys were placed first in their respective subjects:

ACCN             Y Atwaru (94)
AFRFA            C van Heerden (95)
AGSCI            M Smith (82)
BUSTU           T Mohabir  (92)
CATN              M Thomas  (84)
DRAM            H Mewalall   (88)
ECON             HM Moosa (100)
EGD                M Smith  (96)
ENGHL           T Katzenellenbogen   (93)
GEOG             J Bense   (81)
HIST                T Katzenellenbogen   (86)
INFT                M Els (91)
LIFE                 J Bense & R Hassim   (93)
LFSC                I Maharaj (92)
ATH            I Maharaj   (97)
MLIT               K Hlatshwayo (91)
MUSIC           A Westley   (89)
PHSC              I Maharaj (92)
VSLA               Z Osman (93)
ZULFA            L Mosiea   (87)            

We take this opportunity to wish the class of 2020 all the very best in their future endeavours and thank them once again for their significant contribution to College.

Pro Aris et Focis

CJ Luman                                                                                                J Finnie

Headmaster                                                                                          Deputy Headmaster [Academics]