A Report on Academic Highlights and Co-Curricular Activities in 2019 | Maritzburg College

A Report on Academic Highlights and Co-Curricular Activities in 2019

A Report on Academic Highlights and Co-Curricular Activities in 2019



Our boys continue to excel in many different areas, and they have done themselves and their school proud. We are pleased to celebrate the success of many of our boys on the academic front, some of which are listed below. Our boys take part annually in a variety of national events, in which they test themselves against pupils from many schools across South Africa. Many boys have excelled in these national examinations and competitions:



The class of 2018 produced outstanding matric results and we reflect on the highlights below:

    • 100% pass rate
    • 90,6% Bachelors’ pass
    • Cameron Hollaway, Dux of 2018, was placed second in quintile 5 schools in the District
    • Six boys from the Class of 2018 achieved 7 or more distinctions
    • Eight boys from the Class of 2018 achieved 6 or more distinctions
    • 332 subject distinctions.



Proverto Olympiad 2019 (Accounting; Business Studies and Economics)

The following boys reached the final round:

K Govender, AD Baijoo, K Hough, NC Kheswa, V Soni, LGC Mendes, H Heeralal, CC McKenzie

Senior Afrikaans Olympiad 2019

The following boys achieved distinctions:

W Pretorius and NH Greeff

De Beers English Olympiad

The following boys were medal winners:

GoldI MaharajBronzeY AtwaruJ Lalor
J BeauclerkC McKenzie
SilverT KatzenellenbogenO BeauclerkL Mosiea
J LoweK HarischandreT Nzimande
C MartinH HeeralalA Westley
J McFarlandJ JacobsenM Whyte



J McFarland and S Maphanga were shortlisted, to the final 90 applicants, for the last stage of the selection process to attend Jakes Gerwel Fellowship’s Selection Camp in September. The Jakes Gerwel Fellowship is committed to developing a pipeline of future, high impact teachers. These are individuals, who through purposely following their passion for subjects in which they achieve mastery, can become tomorrow’s expert teachers and educational leaders. Jakes Gerwel Fellowship is a fully-funded university scholarship including comprehensive programmatic input and development.

The Allan Gray Orbis Foundation Fellowship programme aims to provide funding for students to study at university level, as well as providing support and development for those who demonstrate an entrepreneurial mindset. SS Dlamini has been selected for the final selection camp for this Fellowship Programme.



Maritzburg College began to constructively address the challenges of teaching Mathematics by  initiating, in 2009, a teacher outreach programme called Khanyisa (meaning ‘to enlighten’ in isiZulu). Maritzburg College’s teachers volunteer their time to assist Mathematics teachers from under- resourced schools and to help build teacher capacity in the Pietermaritzburg district. In 2018, English First Additional language was added to the programme. We are pleased to report that Khanyisa has again had the support of Hulamin this year, and we thank them for their generous support and funding of this programme.

The Khanyisa Outreach Programme works in partnership with the Department of Education. College is provided with a list of 20 underperforming schools in our district. Principals of these schools are invited to attend an information session at Maritzburg College in collaboration with Hulamin. The programme is a two-year programme involving Grade 11 learners and their educators. Principals select one educator and five learners per subject who will represent their schools and who, in turn, will be participants of  the programme. Educator sessions are conducted every fortnight and six Saturday learner sessions are scheduled per term. The leveraging of social media further complements the programme and we hope that soon we will be able to use Digitv to make the lessons more accessible to more learners. We have received excellent feedback on Khanyisa from the Maritzburg College Facebook Group.

In addition to the teachers’ improving their teaching techniques and skills, all Khanyisa participants share their knowledge with their peers who do not attend the programme. This results in a cascading of knowledge within the beneficiary schools. Learners see improvements in their marks, and also experience positive benefits in other areas. This year the Mathematics students received a scientific calculator sponsored by Hulamin.

Sincere thanks to Mr S Mabaso, Mrs L Mthembu and Mrs Rembold who facilitate the teacher and learner sessions. We express our gratitude to Ms V Chedie for co-ordinating the programme and for her efficient  administration. We also acknowledge and thank the peer tutors, L Landsberg and T Katzenellenbogen, who have added value to the learner sessions.



The aim of this section of the addendum is to briefly outline the scope of activities, cultural and sporting, in which the boys at College have participated during the past year.


The Afrikaans Society has staged two short plays, Die mafia gaan jou vange-lange-lang and Die Bloedtoets. The screenplay for the latter production was written by L Muller in Fifth Form. J McFarland,  L Muller and T Prinsloo directed the plays. The combined cast numbered 57 pupils, and many of the  boys experienced being on the stage for the first time in their lives.

In August Maritzburg College performed in the Olivier Cultural Centre and at the Playhouse in Durban in the ATKV Tienertoneel. It was a good learning experience and we were praised for the purpose of the society – to expand and build the love for Afrikaans in a very English province.

We also participated in Happiness Week and other social activities. We had an enjoyable Waatlemoen-fees. T Prinsloo has been an outstanding leader and example to all the boys in the Society during 2019.

The society hopes to embark on a few new ventures next year.


We have focused this year on the importance of making art through painting. It is not about what you make, but the fact that you have chosen to make art. From just after the end of the academic day, we paint for about an hour and the boys finish an artwork that they can take home. Our main goal is the development of a fluent art language. The club continues to be a space to explore creative ability. especially for those who have not taken art as a subject but who have always wanted to learn new skills and experience new forms of art. We believe that art club serves as an interdisciplinary field that studies the perception, cognition and characteristic of art and its production. We use painting as a form of psychotherapy, ‘debriefing’ the strictures of the academic day. The boys find the peaceful space both rewarding and rejuvenating.

The Art Club accommodates both junior and senior boys in their sporting commitments by alternating between Monday and Tuesday afternoons. In the words of Buzz Lightyear, the Art Club is en route to ‘The Universe and Beyond!’ We remain delighted that the perception of art as a subject  continues to evolve from that of making artists to that of making creative thinkers and problem solvers.


The Camera Club has enjoyed another successful year with many enthusiastic Second Formers joining at the beginning of the year. Our club competitions have been well supported and the calibre of photos is exceptional. The boys have been a huge support, providing material for both the Marketing Department and Housemasters’ newsletters. Our club entered the Kearsney photography competition, and although we did not achieve a place, we look forward to interacting with many other schools in the future.


The Chess team performed well in 2019 with four of the eight first team players being under the age of 16, which is a positive outlook for the future of Chess at Maritzburg College. This year our stiffest competition, which comes from the Gauteng exchanges, resulted in a stalemate, with KES and PBHS both winning and losing to College in the exchanges. The A-team players  this year are, M Kheswa, N Whatmore, A Baijoo, K Maphumulo, S Gounder (captain), K Moodley, S Cele and A Mfeka. S Gounder was named the Maritzburg College Chess Player of the Year for the second consecutive year.

Maritzburg College remains the proud host of the Umgungundlovu Chess Association, with the Umgungundlovu league and most district tournaments held in our facilities. We continue to pride ourselves on fielding 90% of the Midlands team.


College Cues is the umbrella society for acting, performances, theatrical productions and workshops. Its aim is to allow the boys to experience Performance Arts to the full. Both disciplines, Dance and Drama, are popular at College and have enjoyed a full calendar of activities. College Cues held seminar styled workshops in the first term which focused on theatre practise. This short course was hands on for the boys as the creative team for Fawlty Towers were in full rehearsal mode. Cues also had the pleasure of hosting the legendary actor, playwright and director, Paul Slabolepszy in February. He took the audience on a humorous, poignant and nostalgic journey of his life in the show A Slice of Slab. The neighbouring schools were also invited to attend and all enjoyed a memorable afternoon with the Slab.

During the second term the boys were involved with Fawlty Towers Front of House management. Some of the Dramatic Arts learners, from Fourth to Sixth Form, attended the Grahamstown Festival in June, accompanied by Mrs Thaver and Mr Barbour. This was an invaluable experience for all who attended. We started Term 3 by attending the Drama@Kearsney Drama Festival. Cues organised a Physical Theatre Workshop with Menzi Mkhwane which took place a week later.

It was pleasing to note that the skills being developed by the boys in academic Drama and the programme run by Cues, have filtered into the House Plays competition. Many boys took on the challenge of directing the play for their respective Houses. Cues enjoyed a successful year and is excited about introducing the Trinity Performance Arts exam as a new segment to its programme in 2020.

On the Dance front, the crew were in full preparation for Funk 2019 which celebrated its 20th anniversary. The auditions were attended by the regular members of the Funk crew and it was pleasing to note that there were also a few new boys. Overall the College entry to Funk 2019 was a wonderful success. As it is the vision of College Culture that its societies diversify, new genres of dance will be introduced to the broader membership. It was agreed that the auditions style meetings will be ongoing to encourage other boys to attend. This new format for Cues Dance is a work in progress. We look forward to a dynamic year of dance in 2020.


CFC was led by Mr C Barnsley and L Mtolo in 2019, as well as a committed group of leaders. C Knight deserves special mention for the way in which he organised the evening CFC meetings, both by being a reliable presence and by organising the preaching roster. CFC has grown over the course of the year and has seen some encouraging developments. First, we have been privileged to have Rev. Jonathan de Beer join us for a number of sessions, culminating in Prof. Richard Howe of the Southern Evangelical Seminary in the United States of America join us for a special apologetics lecture. Second, Mr Graydon Scholtz has joined us regularly on Thursday mornings. Third, we have Mr Bryden Francis and a team from Hilton Christian Fellowship minister at the evening meetings every Thursday. We look forward to continued spiritual growth and development amongst the boys in the future.


In 2019 the Debating Society started with a new group of enthusiastic Grade 8 debaters, a few junior debaters and two teams of senior debaters. The chairman was  V Soni and his 1st team partners were K Harischandre and U Mtsi. We also gained a wonderful young debating coach in the form of Ms Z Cele who worked with the Grade 8 teams and taught them the basics of debating.

The Senior and Grade 8 first teams soon made a name for themselves and sped along to the quarter- finals of their leagues. The first Senior team advanced to the finals where the girls from Epworth once again proved better able to dissemble than the boys.

Sadly, we still compete with sport and the junior team had to be sacrificed. The debaters are a spirited and enthusiastic group who amaze everybody with their ability to backchat in a formal setting.


The eSports Society now offers prominent eSports titles such as DOTA 2, Overwatch and Fortnite. In addition, a League of Legends has been added to the roster to gain experience for the rest of the year to be ready to compete in the competitive league in 2020. College continues to participate in the High School eSports League (HSEL) which partners with VS Gaming. The captain for 2019 is J Maharaj.


Nineteen pupils successfully completed a Level 1 First Aid course in October. Eight pupils did duties at all the rugby, soccer and hockey matches. Our First Aid programme would not be as successful as it is without the tremendous support from Sisters Jean, Nicky and Kylie. We are indeed truly grateful that we have doctors who freely volunteer their services on Saturdays. We are also grateful for the support from Medwave Training and ER24.

The First Aiders did their duties in a committed manner and spent many, many hours next to the sports fields. The following boys have been rewarded for their superb service to First Aid.

  • Honours:
    • S Maphanga (Pape) and C Mendes (Calder)
  • Colours:
    • S Manyathi (Lamond) and T Woodburn (Calder) Lapel Badge: T Sampson (Nicholson) and M Fuhri (Forder)


The Hindu Society meets twice a week. The routine includes an opening prayer, a discourse and discussion. The discourse alternates between each Form to ensure that all boys participate. They enlighten us on topics such Hinduism, Hindu Festivals and their significance and values. These also tie in with their morals, values and teachings at College.

We recite songs which the boys have copies of and we recite it while listening to the audio. The boys learn prayer and song each week and are encouraged to bring their prayer so that we all can learn.

The Society visited the Hare Krishna Temple in Durban in the first term and the Goshala in Thornville in the second term. We participated in the Holi Festival in March and the food drive at Mediclinic in July. The society raised R5000 which was donated to the Durban flood relief victims.

The Hindu Society will be hosting a show on 19 October 2019. The boys have put forward their ideas for the proposed a programme and rehearsals have begun.


The big project Interact took on this year was learning how to knit squares to make blankets for the Nelson Mandela 67 Blankets Drive. The Interactors, together with parents, grandparents and staff, all assisted and together knitted 24 blankets for the initiative. These blankets were handed over on Mandela Day to the Association for the Physically Challenged.

Every Monday afternoon the same group of 17 Grade 7 learners from Edendale Primary School comes to College for conversational English and Maths tutoring. The Interact Club works closely with the TechSquad to introduce basic computer skills tutoring to the Edendale students. The Interact Club paid the weekly transport fee for the learners.

Weekly visits to Salvation Army continued this year where the Interact members entertained the boys aged 4 to 18 and played with the babies in the nursery.

Nineteen Interactors helped at the Thandanani 4Kids stall at the Garden Show during September. This was a fundraiser for Thandanani, a NGO that takes care of households with no working adults. The stall was very popular as it offered activities for children and a short break for the parents! The College boys manned the eight different games such as face painting, throwing Frisbees through narrow tunnels, bean bags at a tower of tins, basketballs into hoops etc. with great gusto and lots of fun for all.

Once-off activities where the Interact boys helped during this year were:

    • Made sandwiches for the ‘Bread buddie’ drive during Happiness week
    • Assisted the Azalea Rotary Club at the Dusi Canoe Marathon
    • Volunteered as marshals at the cross-country hosted by College
    • Ran the College shop at Goldstone’s every home game
    • Made and sold pancakes on Goldstone’s during home games.
    • 1000 Paws SPCA fundraiser at Hilton College – the boys assisted in setting up the event as well as working on the day
    • Volunteered their 67 minutes for Nelson Mandela day at a Soup Kitchen at Our Lady of Health of Vailanganni Church

12. MC INK

This year’s captain was P Phala who provided great inspiration to the group.

The MC Ink boys have produced some really good work in 2019, and although they don’t present as often in assemblies they still get published in the various on-campus newsletters.

This year’s ‘Night of the Writer’ again saw pupils from Hilton College, Pietermaritzburg Girls High and St John’s DSG gather to enjoy our boys’ workshop. However, we have managed to inspire those schools to present their own ‘Night of the Writer’, thus we have one of these workshops each term. Again, the open mic is the favourite part of the evening.

Two of our boys presented at words@Kearsney: P Phala (Sixth Form) and R Uren (Third Form). Events such as these build confidence in the boys’ presentation skills, but they equally are able to learn from the presentations of the other learners attending. I believe that it is an important writer’s skill to write for a specific audience and on a specific theme.


The smooth daily operation of the Media Centre is due to the work put in by our Media Centre Monitors. This year they were ably led by R Bennett and his deputy, L Zondo. We continue with our use of teams, with the seniors in each team mentoring the youngsters. This system is working well for us. Also working well is the Library Monitor’s Handbook, which forms the basis of their training and tracks their test results.

The boys have so much fun during the socials with Pietermaritzburg Girls High that we have invited St John’s DSG to join us in the fourth term. The aim is to broaden perspectives and see how other schools handle the daily chores in the Media Centre.

During the annual Library Monitors’ Tea, Mr Luman presented each Sixth Former with a small gift by which to remember their time in the Maritzburg College Media Centre.


Every year the Music Department grows and is receiving more traction in the College community. This has been our busiest year yet.

In May the choir participated in the Open category of ATKV Applous competition and achieved Gold for the performance. This was an immense achievement for the choir who achieved silver in the same competition last year. The Gospel Choir also hosted a wonderful evening of Gospel music in the Alan Paton Memorial Hall.

One of the more exciting projects this year was the Music Department’s first exchange concerts. We shared a concert with Affies and PBHS. To share the stage with these established music schools was an honour which we hope to repeat in 2020.

The Jazz Band has grown from 14 members to 25 over the last year, and also has grown in playing ability. We once again participated in the ‘Bands to the Max’ concert at Epworth where the band acquitted itself well. We have performed at 15 functions/concerts this year alone. One of the highlights was a performance at the Berg Show. The Jazz band boys also have spread their wings a bit and seven boys attended the National Schools Jazz Festival for 2019 in Makhanda. One of the highlights was for the boys to meet ‘Too Many Zooz’ from New York.

The soloists in the Music Department took part in the SASMT music competition. Twenty-seven boys participated and between them achieved 22 Gold, 39 Silver and one Bronze award. Special mention is made of  Mr Heyns who accompanied many of these boys on the piano. M Thomas, M Fuhri, B Gous, N Madide and C Kisbey-Green were all chosen for the ‘Best of Eisteddfod’ Concert.

As always the year was rounded off with our annual Prestige Concert. This concert is always a testament to the work the staff and the boys are doing within the department.

Our final event of the year will again be the Carol Service hosted at the One Life Church, South Site on 20 November. The event will be used to raise funds for the South African Guide Dogs Association.


The MSA has met every Tuesday after school. During the meetings the boys were encouraged  to prepare speeches on a topic of interest and present it to the group. Discussions were then held and the boys were encouraged to air their views. Various verses where read and explained and much knowledge was shared.

During Ramadaan (fasting) the boys helped during the weekend at SANZAF to distribute food to the community as well as the poor and needy. The members also participated in Happiness week.


Sound and Lighting focused on technical support for the Fawlty Towers production in 2019. The society has grown nicely this year with a strong group of Second Formers joining the fray. We have made some minor upgrades to the lighting and sets this year and now have the advantage of having ‘intelligent lighting’ on stage. Our normal support of functions at College has continued and we are largely more efficient in this regard.


Speakers’ Circle has enjoyed a very successful year. The group met regularly during the year every two weeks in the customary Tuesday evening slot. Boys continue to work their way through a manual that allows them to harness the basics of public speaking. This is achieved over nine project speeches. A meeting was also held with St John’s DSG, which was enjoyed by all. The group has been ably led by        J McFarland and D Evans this year. They have been exemplary in their manner and organisation. McFarland received the Calder Trophy for Public Speaking as well as the trophy for Best Public Speaker. N Lushozi was awarded Best Prepared Speech of the year and R Akerman was awarded the Most Improved Speaker award.


It has again been a positive year for the TechSquad boys, who admirably ran the school’s computer room. They held the College Arcade Night, as well as a training session, together with Interact, during the Happiness Week, and continued to offer outreach computer literacy training sessions in partnership with Interact on a monthly basis. We will hopefully produce a higher quality of service to the school in the next few years. The potential, commitment and passion that these boys show is promising. The society is a home for many of our techno-savvy boys as well as those who have a natural affinity to technology.

The dedicated boys of TechSquad perform a variety of technology related functions. These include peer- to-peer assistance, computer LAN monitoring, learner-applications assistance, ICT presentations, and computer servicing, assembling, trouble-shooting and repair. The captain for the 2019 year is JJ Scheepers.


  • Robertson Trophy for Outstanding Service to the Audio-Visual Society
    • TMN Khoza
  • Mary-Ann Hartley Trophy for Most Outstanding Vocal Soloist
    • AJ Westley
  • Douglas Comrie Memorial Trophy for Outstanding Contribution to the Choir
    • SS Dlamini
  • McGibbon Trophy for Best Stage Actor
    • K Harischandre
  • Roger Heslop Memorial Trophy for Overall Contribution to Drama
    • JR McFarland
  • Parklane SuperSpar Trophy for the Most Promising Musician
    • JO Conolly
  • Conor Michael Larkin Memorial Plate for the Most Improved Musician
    • MS Fuhri
  • Christopher Duigan Trophy for Excellence in Music Performance
    • MA Thomas
  • Lood Muller Trophy for Contribution to the Afrikaans Society
    • T Prinsloo
  • Graham Holder Trophy for Best Debater
    • UN Mtsi
  • Calder Trophy for Public Speaking
    • JR McFarland
  • Dustin Stevens Trophy for Best Public Speaker
    • JR McFarland
  • Maritzburg College Speakers’ Circle Trophy for the Most Improved Speaker
    • RJ Akerman
  • The Armstrong Trophy for Best Prepared Speech
    • NFG Lushozi
  • Azalea Rotary Club Book Award for the display of qualities pertinent to the Rotary Four Way Test
    • KD Chetty
  • Graham Holder Trophy for Outstanding Contribution to the Media Centre
    • R Bennett and LLT Zondo




The annual inter-house athletics meet was held in the first term at the PMB Athletics stadium. There were some great performances. N Mosebi broke the U15 100m record setting it at 11.3 seconds and the U15 200m record setting it at 23.4 seconds. J Kayembe broke the U14 100m record setting it at 11.4 seconds and the U14 200m record setting it at 23.9 seconds. The day was won overall by Fuller House.

We began our season with Central Schools Circuit Trials held at the PMB athletics stadium. From this event 20 of our athletes were selected to take part in the Umgungundlovu District trials. Seventeen of our boys were then selected for the Umgungundlovu Athletics team which took part in the KZN Schools Championships held in Durban. The team placed second out of the 12 Districts that took part in the event – a position rarely obtained by the District.

N Mosebi, N Makhanya and N Ndlovu were selected to compete in the SA Schools’ Athletics Championships which took place in Port Elizabeth. They performed well against extremely tough competition with N Mosebi producing the best performance, placing fifth in the U15 200m final with an electronic time that was 1.3 seconds faster than the current U15 200m school record.

Towards the end of the third term College hosted the trials for the Grey Bloemfontein and the Menlo Park meets. Our athletes fared well and 10 of them were selected to compete in the meets. The highlight was N Mosebi who broke the U15 100m meet record, setting it at 10.94 seconds.

Friday night athletics meets were introduced in the first term and will be continued next year. These are aimed at giving athletes in the Pietermaritzburg area more opportunity for competition against athletes from other schools.

In term 4 we will be focusing on building our athletes base fitness levels and their individual item skills in preparation for the National Championships in late March 2020.


The 1st term of 2019 proved to be a successful term for College basketball with the 1st team only losing two games against the KZN schools. One encounter that became the talking point amongst the local supporters had to be the Night Derby against St Charles. College went into the game as the underdogs having not beaten St Charles for quite some time. The lead changed on a regular basis and with approximately 30 seconds remaining the score was tied. A shooting foul was awarded to College and      L Janse van Rensberg sank the winning basket much to the delight of the many supporters.

The U16A team participated in the Michaelhouse tournament and went on to beat St Charles in the finals. They also travelled to Johannesburg to play in the St Stithians Tournament and won six of the seven games played.

The 1st side once again played in the annual St John’s tournament where they played seven and won four of their games.

Regional and Provincial Selections:

  • Umgungundlovu U15:
    • T Govender, D Craig, W Hadebe, C Janse van Rensberg and C Henman Inland U16: M Buthelezi, D Botha, T Mthombeni and Q Mkhize
  • Inland U18:
    • Z Khoza, L Janse van Rensberg and P Dladla
  • KZN U16:
    • M Buthelezi, D Botha, T Mthombeni and Q Mkhize KZN U18B: P Dladla and Z Khoza
  • KZN U18A:
    • L Janse van Rensberg


The Maritzburg College Canoeing team has undergone some wonderful changes over the past ten months. The Parents Committee organised an outstanding fundraiser which injected some much  needed funding into the canoeing budget. The money went towards the purchase of ten brand new Nelo Surf ski’s. The purpose of this project was to introduce our boys to the ever-growing open ocean paddling discipline. The Old Boys lent their support to the project and, through the help of Steel-Co and Italia Engineering, a brand new trailer was built to transport the boats.

The boys have reaped the rewards of their efforts both on and off the water. Our new surf ski programme saw B Lawson win the KZN Junior Singles Surf ski title at the King of the Bay. We had a large contingent of boys taking on the Dusi and Fish River Canoe Marathons, teaming up with friends and family to share the adventure. Some of the stand-out performances over the past year have been our Canoe Polo boys, namely T Drummond, K Hardy and B Lawson who represented South Africa at the African Champs in Knysna. K Rhodes came second overall at the inter-schools Slalom event as an  U16. D Evans has excelled again this season and posted some historic results. He finished seventh overall in the Dusi Canoe Marathon and, in the process, smashed the Junior race record. To add to this, he finished fifth overall at the Drak Challenge and he qualified for the Junior South African Marathon team for the third year in a row.

With three races still to go in the Capitol Caterers Inter-Schools league, College is currently in second position behind Michaelhouse. We also have six boys in the top 20 individual rankings.


Maritzburg College provided cricket for 26 teams on a weekly basis: six Open, five U16, seven U15, and eight U14 sides. We had 19 permanent staff coaching full-time and ten external coaches. We appreciate all our coaches and the input and value they add to our cricketers, their contribution to the cricket programme is a big reason for the boys’ success. College’s depth as a cricketing school is unequalled. All of our teams at Maritzburg College are of great importance to us.

The 1st XI had an extremely successful first half to the season. After beginning the term with a good win against a strong Westville side, the 1st XI remained unbeaten for the rest of the full weekend fixtures. The U14A team had a slow start to the year but worked hard and improved towards the end of term. The U15A team had a successful first term, winning all their fixtures. The U16 A-team had a splendid  first term and went unbeaten with some excellent results.

A number of boys from all our A teams are integrally involved in the KZN Inland Cricket setup and we hope to have significant representation at the Provincial Weeks this year. All College cricketers are afforded opportunities to extend their cricketing careers and are fully supported by the school.

The 1st XI attended the St David’s pre-season Time Cricket Festival which prepared them well for the latter half of the year, with two tough games against St Stithians and St John’s. During the September break all A teams attended cricketing festivals to compete with the best in the country. The 1st XI participated in the 60th Oppenheimer Michaelmas Cricket Week, the oldest cricket week in South Africa where they competed against PBHS, Grey College, St Alban’s College and Affies. Our U17, U15 and U14 sides also had their own festivals at Westville, Grey PE and Hilton respectively. At these festivals the boys’ skill was tested and all returned better equipped for the fourth term.


The 2019 season saw the cross-country fraternity battling to find enough fixtures due to the number of public holidays that fell on a Wednesday. As a result of this the Midlands League ran for only six weeks.

Maritzburg College has enjoyed a very successful cross-country season with the senior boys being top of the League. The junior boys worked very hard to maintain their positions in the face of strong  opposition from Michaelhouse. Our junior teams finished in second and third position at the end of the season. In the senior team, N Msiya, S Harvey, O Higgins, T Ross, N Trodd and J Barnard have all taken spots in the top 10 during the season and worked very hard to gain their position at the top of the League.

This year we embarked on new territory when our cross-country team went on exchange to Affies and KES. We were introduced to a new level of ‘landloop’ and saw how seriously this sport is taken in Gauteng. The altitude definitely affected our performance and we are aware of how stiff and hard the competition is for the future. Looking towards 2020, we have already lined up an inter-school’s competition with Kearsney.

Eight of our runners took part in the District Trials and three progressed to the Provincial Schools Cross- Country Championship that took place in Newcastle on 31 August. Congratulations to N Msiya, T Ross and S Harvey on their selection to the Umgungundlovu Team.

S Harvey has also been selected to represent KZN at the National Cross-Country Championships.


Maritzburg College Cycling is growing in popularity year on year. We have a number of boys training regularly with our coach, as well as a number of our boys doing extra training with private cycling coaches. The level of our cycling has also increased with a number of our boys regularly winning their age groups in many of our local races.

Following in the footsteps of Affies, College hosted the Jeppe cycling team at the Cascades MTB park. This is hopefully the first of many Jeppe cycling exchanges. We travelled on our first exchange to Affies this year where we were hosted with brilliant hospitality and friendliness.

College hosted a KZN Spur MTB race with cyclists riding through the beautiful grounds and buildings of College with the highlight being the floating bridge over the school pool.

Outstanding results for the College team were as follows:

    • 1st in the KZN Spur MTB Series
    • N Burczak winning the KZN Spur MTB Series U15 Youth title
    • D van der Watt winning the KZN Spur MTB Series U16 Youth title
    • six of our boys were selected to represent the KZN team at the National Spur MTB series Although not strictly school related, but certainly noteworthy, a number of our cyclists have been performing well in other cycling codes namely road, endure and downhill.

With almost 50 boys on our books, the 2020 season promises to be an exciting one.


It has again been a positive year for golf at College as far as the number of boys playing golf goes. This has contributed to the team producing its best results ever. College finished first in this year’s annual KZN Schools’ Team Championship, the best performance in this competition. Five boys were selected for the KZN  team, which is very encouraging. KZN A team – L Barnard; KZN B team – N Trodd, S Delport, S Paxton and G Delport. E Gough was the non-traveling reserve. At the Schools’ Championship, KZN A came second and KZN B came fourth.

The golf week at Affies during the April holidays was very successful. College finished in first place out of 14 teams.

The golf tour to the South Coast during the July holiday was again a great success with the large group of boys making the trip. Nine boys played four tournaments which were part of the KZN Golf Union’s calendar. They played four different courses in four days.

The golf team finished sixth out of 21 teams at the Nomads SA schools team championship.

Much hard work is still necessary for the young players to fulfil their potential, however, there is evidence of dedication by a number of senior boys who want to achieve at the highest level. We will be losing many of our top players at the end of the year: our golf captain, N Trodd, L Barnard, S Paxton and D Furmage. Congratulations to S Paxton, the School Champion for 2019.

Four boys played in the SA Schools’ Championships and S Paxton and E Gough were selected for the SA Schools’ team. This is the first time that College has had two SA Schools’ players.


In January we were fortunate to have the infamous Pape’s Astroturf re-laid. The sprinkler system was upgraded with six new water turrets being installed and Belgotex re-laid the carpet to ensure that we train on a world class facility. Maritzburg College once again hosted the U18, U16 and U13 Boys and Girls Hockey Nationals.

In 2019 College fielded 19 hockey teams, six open teams, seven U16 teams and six U14 teams. This meant we had approximately 260 boys playing hockey every week and makes us one of, if not the biggest, hockey school in the country. We had many memorable weekends on Pape’s this year where the teams across the hockey fraternity performed brilliantly. One of the reasons for College’s depth comes from the fact that there are highly skilled coaches who work extremely hard to make sure that College is one of the leading hockey schools in the country. Against Glenwood, in both the home and away fixtures, and DHS, the hockey fraternity went unbeaten. Against Northwood and Affies we lost only a single game.

College played a total of 235 games winning 171 of them, drawing 24 and losing 40. This equates to a 73% win ratio and it must be stated that a number of the losses occurred on a stagger where lower College teams played higher opposition. The 2nd XI must be commended on their unbeaten season – they played 13 matches and won all of them.

2019 will go down as a trying season for the 1st XI. On their day the players were sublime and clinical but on occasion they played below their potential. The team learnt a tremendous amount during the course of the season and enjoyed two tours: Nomads at Pretoria Boys’ High School and the St Stithians Festival in Johannesburg.

College supplied the KZN Inland Hockey teams with 33% of the players. A total of 32 College hockey players played in the 2019 Inter-Provincial Tournaments and five College staff members were members of the coaching staff. The KZN Inland U18A team and U14A team won silver medals.

At the conclusion of the U18 and U16 IPT, College had six boys selected for SA Schools’ teams:

  • SA U18A:
    • G Pio and S Ngcongo
  • SA U18B:
    • T Prinsloo
  • SA U17 High Performance Squad:
    • D van Niekerk
  • SA U16 High Performance Squad:
    • C Osborne and A Mthalane



On average, Maritzburg College continues to be able to field over 30 sides each Saturday. Unfortunately, no school, other than Affies, can come close to matching us. Having arguably the biggest rugby programme in the country makes it difficult to ensure that every team plays every week. Overall, our boys were very successful and flew the College flag high in 2019. The win rate of all team was over 80%. On many occasions we expected our F and G teams to take on other schools A teams, which can be very difficult for the boys but they fought hard in the true College way. The 1st team had an unlucky season as far as results are concerned as they lost 4 games by less than 2 or 3 points and deserved to win on all these occasions. The school, as whole however, were brilliant. The only school against which we had a negative result rate was Affies. We are clearly the strongest rugby school across the board in KZN and are in the top 10 in the country when looking at results of all our A teams. The boys can be very proud of this record.

The coaching staff are commended on their tremendous efforts throughout the year. Many teams lost only one or two games the entire season, with some of the losses being on a stagger. Well done to all. Maritzburg College is continually striving to improve and innovate in what has become an extremely competitive environment that is schoolboy rugby.

In September the 1st XV squad had the privilege of touring overseas for the first time in many years. England and Wales was the destination and four top schools were played. Good wins against Eltham College, Christ College and Oakham College were achieved, and a narrow loss against the highly-rated Millfield resulted in an extremely happy experience for the boys and staff. A very big thank you to all the parents and staff for the outstanding fund-raising campaign that made this possible.

The following boys gained KZN Schools’ selection:

  • Sharks Craven Week:
    • A Nzimande, W Hlophe, M Dlangalala and S Ningiza Sharks Academy Week: C Dlamini, B Tedder, H Trodd, K Hadebe, and S Kekana
  • Sharks U16 Grant Khomo Week:
    • R Swift, D Botha, W Takata, C Thunder and L Mtshali W Hlophe had the honour of being selected for the SA Schools’ team.

Our 7s teams competed in various tournaments in the third term with our U15 team being the top side in the province. They will travel to Grey College next week to compete in the Champion of Champions tournament.


The rugby referees continued their stellar work in 2019, as the boys continue to improve. Most of the boys officiated in matches, including some out-of-province exchanges. The opportunity to take up the whistle in these exchanges provides a chance for new learning and law application, as the boys are under more scrutiny in away fixtures. Our referees were forced to improve on the ability to maintain poise and composure, a major learning point for 2019.

The society was led by N Mfeka for the second year in a row and his leadership will be missed. However, the society has competent and able candidates who, in 2020, will carry on Mfeka’s good work. At our annual awards ceremony, C Hibbert deservedly received the Ian Rogers Trophy for the Most Competent Rugby Referee, while the Craig Joubert Trophy for the Most Improved Rugby Referee  was awarded to M Pearson. The duo, both in Fourth Form, were also acknowledged by the Midlands Referees’ Sub- Union for their efforts, capping a fine year for them. Their commitment to refereeing was duly recognised. Thanks to the continued support from MRSU, our school will continue to produce young, competent and keen referees.


This year has been a very successful year with a general increase in the accuracy of our shotists. We have boys that are competitive and those that are recreational shotists.

Our senior boys have done exceptionally well with some of them receiving awards both within school and at SAARA level and being placed in the KZN SAARA team.

J Cooke the captain in his final year has proved himself as a worthy captain by being awarded colours and scarf, best overall shotists and the most improved SAARA U20 male and placed in the SAARA KZN team.

We have a small group of juniors who are producing some very good scores at this very early stage. We hope to see some of them earn high accolades in this sport.

We continually raise the bar at shooting and it is rewarding to know that the boys respond well. Whilst there is limited competition we are glad that we are recognized as a school that produces the highest number of school boy shotists.


2019 has proven to be a momentous year for Maritzburg College soccer with our First XI reaching new heights and the rest of our age group teams producing some extremely good results across the board. For the first time, we had both A and B teams playing from the start of the second term across all age groups, which meant more boys were able to play a longer, more competitive season. Soccer has become the longest season of any of the sports at Maritzburg College with pre-season, for some teams, beginning as early as February, and the season carrying on right through to the beginning of September.

In the new PMBHSFA Second Term League, a league played between many Pietermaritzburg high schools for dominance of the second term soccer season, our U15A, U16A and 1st XI teams won their leagues and the U14A and 2nd teams both made the finals of their league. This was the first of three trophies to be won by our 1st XI, and one of the most successful seasons in the school’s soccer history.

Another new tournament was the Primo Big 8 League, which saw eight of the provinces top boys’ high schools come together to fight it out for a trophy. Maritzburg College, Michaelhouse, Kearsney, Westville, Glenwood, Northwood, DHS and Clifton were the competing teams. A tough final against a very strong Glenwood side saw College come out 1-0 winners. T Whiteman was named Player of the Tournament and finished joint-top goal scorer, and T Zondi was named Goalkeeper of the Tournament.

The 1st XI’s third trophy was won on the hallowed turf that is Goldstone’s. A first for College soccer, we were afforded the opportunity to play three games on Goldstone’s in 2019 for the 130th edition of the Raw Cup. Our first game ended in an unfortunate 1-3 loss to Westville but was, however, followed by what could be described as the highlight of the 1st XI’s year. They faced DHS in the final and managed to come back from a goal down to take the game to penalties. Keeper, T Zondi, saved two penalties to lead the team to the win.

The season finished off with the PMB FA Cup where our 1st XI lost out on penalties in the semi-final to Michaelhouse. Z Gxarisa was named in the team of the tournament for the PMB FA Cup.

The following boys were selected for PMB High Schools Teams:

  • U14: 
    • P Schutte, K Nene, J Powell, M Horstead, T Caple, J Nelson, M Madlala, S Ramdeen, J Kayembe, O Mkhwanazi, T Madzimure
  • U15:
    • T Nkosi, A Vilakazi, L Biyela, A Isaacs U16: R Naidoo, K Chetty
  • U19:
    • L Mawela, Z Gxarisa, L Zondi, B Gumbi, T Zondi, T Whiteman, C Desplace, S Kubheka

The following boys were selected for KZN High Schools Teams:

  • U14A:
    • P Schutte, J Powell, J Nelson, J Kayembe, M Horstead U14B: K Nene, T Caple, O Mkhwanazi
  • U14 non-traveling reserve:
    • M Madlala U15A: A Isaacs
  • U15 non-traveling reserve:
    • T Nkosi U16 non-traveling reserve: R Naidoo U19A: Z Gxarisa, T Zondi
  • U19B:
    • T Whiteman, C Desplace, L Zondi, L Mawela, S Kubheka



We are very pleased to still have the services of Mr Andre Dippenaar as our coach. Approximately 40 boys across the age groups have played squash on a regular basis. We have many strong players in the U17 and U16 age groups which bodes well for next year.

The following boys were selected to represent KZN at the inter-provincial tournaments held in June:

  • U19:
    • M Darch, C White and K Govender
  • U16A:
    • S Strydom and A Ndwandwe
  • U16B:
    • S Maharaj, A Premchund and N Moodley

Our Top 8 boys did exceptionally in the Super 8: vs Glenwood won 21-3, Hilton College won 24-0, vs Kearsney won 23-12, Michaelhouse won 19-16, St Charles won 24-2, Westville lost 11-19.

Our Top 6 boys attended the annual St Andrew’s College Squash Festival in February and won four of their five matches, narrowly losing to PBHS. The results were: vs won 18-2, Parktown Boys won 18-2, PBHS lost 11-12, Queens College won 18-0 and St Dunstan’s College won 18-0. Menlopark Our Top 6 Stayers will be traveling to Cape Town in October for the Wynberg Boys Squash Tournament.

The highlight of the year was our Top 5 boys (consisting of only one Sixth Former) winning the KZN Top Schools Tournament for the first time in 25 years. They achieved seventh place in the SA Top Schools tournament.

  • The School Champions for 2019 are:
    • M Darch – U19, S Strydom – U16 and T Pratt – U14
  • Most Improved Player this year:
    • N McFarland


Swimming at College has once again seen the school participating in both local and out-of-province galas. College hosted the College Invitation Gala, where we finished second and at the Top Schools Gala the team placed fourth.

Club swimming is still dominating the school swim scene and a school’s success is based on the number of club swimmers one has. The team was ably led by L Robinson who was awarded Honours for Swimming. The following swimmers were selected for the KZN Schools swimming team: G Joubert, T  Truter, C Stephens, C van Heerden, T van Heerden.

Results of the Inter-House Championship gala:

  • Open Champion
    • L Robinson (Strachan)
  • U17 Champion
    • C van Heerden (Commons) U16 Champion J van der Merwe (Nicholson) U15 Champion T van Heerden (Commons) U14 Champion T Truter (Strachan)
  • Overall relay results:
    • 1st – Nicholson, 2nd – Commons and 3rd – Strachan.

The Oscar Servant Trophy for the best performance was won by C van Heerden for breaking D Townsend U17 100yd Breaststroke record of 1min 02.7s from 2001 with a New Record of 1min 02.39s


This is the sixth year of table tennis as an official school sport. It is growing in popularity and has seen a greater improvement in our results and achievements. Our 1st team remains unbeaten in the school exchanges, winning handsomely twice against a strong Pretoria Boys’ High team.

In the district, our boys participated in the Elite Singles League, and a School Development League in which we fielded three teams.


  1. Y Naidoo won the Elite Singles A-league. K Naidoo and T Thulsie finished 3rd and 4th respectively.
  2. Y Naidoo finished 4th in the Elite Singles B League.
  3. In the Development league, College 1 finished 3rd overall (winning 6 and losing 3), with College 2 and College 3 occupying positions 3rd and 5th respectively.

Some notable individual achievements:

  • Y Naidoo represented the U18 SA National Table tennis team at the ITTF African Youth, Junior and Cadet Championships in Ghana in April.
  • Y Naidoo, Q Govender, N Dlamini, T Thulsie (U18) and E Naidoo (U15) represented the District at the SA Junior Inter-Provincial Championship.
  • Y Naidoo was awarded Honours and T Thulsie was awarded Colours.


The tennis year started off with a full programme for Open tennis teams. On Mondays our seniors played in the Open Midlands League where College performed reasonably well. Not many schools play tennis in the second term but we travelled to Affies and KES for the winter sports fixture exchange. Mrs Immelman, who managed the juniors for a number of years, has left College. We thank her for her enthusiasm and time she put into the juniors. Mr Lyons took over during the second term before returning to his normal summer sport responsibilities.

The third term was a busy tennis term. College entered an U15 team for the Bonnefin League, and two teams for the U19 Witness League which was played amongst schools in and around Pietermaritzburg. Our junior tennis has enthusiastic players and is sustained by coaching offered to seniors and juniors with no additional charge to parents. Our new coaches are a Maritzburg College old boy, Mitchell Deetlefs, and the senior coach is Master Dladla. T Katzenellenbogen is the 2019 tennis captain.

Tennis inter-house matches were great fun and two players per house participated. The overall winner was Strachan House.

  • Senior Champion:
    • J Keith
  • Junior Champion:
    • N Mazibuko


College have nine water polo teams this year. The teams attended various tournaments around the country during the year. Our U14 team travelled to Jeppe to participate in the Ken Short Water polo tournament while the first team travelled to KES for their annual tournament where the team finished 15th. All the teams were in preparation for various tournaments during the third term. The U15A team went down to the Ian Mellier Cup at Wynberg, where they finished seventeenth. The 1st team attended the annual Clifton Water Polo Tournament.

The fourth term begins with the Top 10 tournament for U14, U15 and the 1st team, followed by the regular season.


  • Consistent Achievement Accolades
    • TR Drummond, DKH Dyer, BD Lawson, NN Moodley and CD Shaw
  • Hayden St John Ward Memorial Trophy for the Top Achiever in a Non-Official School Sport
    • MR Green and H Heeralal
  • Tregarthen Memorial Cup for U14 Athletics Champion
    • E Mouton
  • John Geekie Cup for U15 Athletics Champion
    • NJ Mosebi JH
  • Snow Cup for U16 Athletics Champion
    • AAS Mbambo
  • H Johnson Cup for U17 Athletics Champion
    • B Emms and CL van Rooyen
  • DJ Berry-Jennings Cup for U18 Athletics Champion, College Shield & Victor Ludorum
    • KF Huizinga
  • Greenhalgh Cup for the Most Valuable Basketball Player
    • P Dladla
  • Arnold Moseya Trophy for the Best Defensive Basketball Player
    • P Dladla
  • Oscar Servant Trophy for the Most Improved Basketball Player in the 1st Team
    • QA Mkhize
  • Ron Jury Trophy for Best All-Round Basketball Player
    • N Phenyane
  • Slow’ Ngcobo Memorial Trophy for Outstanding Contribution to Basketball
    • B Mothebe and PB Simamane
  • Lance Dobeyn Trophy for the Junior Champion Canoeist
    • KW Rhodes
  • Maritzburg College Trophy for the Most Promising Canoeist
    • JW Cumming
  • Oscar Servant Trophy for the Highest Placed Junior in the Dusi Canoe Marathon
    • DM Evans
  • Lance Dobeyn Trophy for the Senior Champion Canoeist
    • DM Evans
  • Maritzburg College Trophy for the Chess Player of the Year
    • S Gounder
  • Natal Witness/Maritzburg Old Boys’ Cricket Club Trophy for the Most Improved Player in the 1st Cricket XI
    • C Fortmann
  • Oscar Servant Trophy for Best All Round Cricketer in the 1st XI
    • DKH Dyer and JJ van der Walt
  • Leon Haarhoff Memorial Trophy for the Most Promising Junior Cross-country Athlete
    • SRK Arnold
  • Darrol Day Cup for Junior Cross-country Winner
    • DA Craig
  • Stalker Cup for Senior Cross-country Winner
    • OL Higgins
  • Ryan Clive-Smith Trophy for the highest placed Senior in the Midlands Cross-country League
    • N Msiya
  • Hatton’s Cycles Trophy for Most Promising Junior Cyclist
    • E Kock
  • Maritzburg College Trophy for the Champion Cyclist
    • DA van der Watt
  • Oscar Servant Trophy for the Most Improved Golfer
    • GH Delport
  • Johnstone Trophy for Strokeplay Champion in Golf
    • SM Paxton
  • Shrives Trophy for the Most Committed Player in the 1st Hockey XI
    • T Prinsloo
  • Oscar Servant Trophy for Fellowship in Hockey
    • GO Pio
  • Dieter Schlosser Memorial Trophy for the Most Improved Player in the 1st Hockey XI
    • DL Bruyns
  • Carr Trophy for Player of the Year in the 1st Hockey XI
    • GO Pio
  • Ian Rogers Trophy for the Most Competent Rugby Referee
    • CM Hibbert
  • Craig Joubert Trophy for the Most Improved Rugby Referee
    • MA Pearson
  • Skonk Nicholson Pin for the Most Improved Player in the 1st Rugby XV
    • BC Webster
  • Skonk Nicholson Trophy for the Most Committed Player in the 1st Rugby XV
    • A Nzimande
  • Olivier Trophy for the Player of the Year in the 1st Rugby XV
    • PB Simamane
  • Oscar Servant Trophy for the Most Promising Shottist
    • NA de Villiers
  • Frank Lambert Cup for the Best Overall Shottist
    • JP Cooke
  • Shaun Olley Cup for the Most Consistent Shottist
    • SD Verwey
  • MacLean Trophy for Best Shotists in the Standing Position
    • ULY Molefi
  • Ted Anley Memorial Shield for the Most Competent Soccer Referee
    • JV Keith
  • Luyanda Ntshangase Memorial Shield for the Most Improved Player in the 1st Soccer XI
    • B Brooks
  • Oscar Servant Trophy for the Most Committed Player in the 1st Soccer XI
    • LN Zondi
  • Reece Tifflin Trophy for 1st Soccer XI Player of the Year
    • TEJ Zondi
  • Aidan Nugent Trophy for the Under 14 Squash Champion
    • TA Pratt
  • Dan Smith Trophy for the Under 16 Squash Champion
    • SW Strydom
  • Smythe Trophy for the Most Improved Squash Player
    • NA McFarland
  • Oscar Servant Trophy for Senior Squash Champion
    • MCC Darch
  • Tut Marwick Trophy for U14 Swimming Champion
    • TN Truter
  • Warren Shuttleworth Memorial Trophy for U15 Swimming Champion
    • T van Heerden
  • Jimmy Anderson Memorial Shield for U16 Swimming Champion
    • JL van der Merwe
  • Dudley Forde Trophy for U17 Swimming Champion
    • C van Heerden
  • Bill Hendry Trophy for Open Swimming Champion
    • L Robinson
  • Maritzburg College Trophy for the Junior Table Tennis Champion
    • JR Wiggill
  • Maritzburg College Trophy for the Senior Table Tennis Champion
    • Y Naidoo
  • Oscar Servant Trophy for the Most Committed Tennis Player in the 1st Team
    • TM Katzenellenbogen
  • Lucinda Lang Trophy for Junior Singles Tennis Champion
    • NN Mazibuko
  • Grant Morrison Trophy for the Most Improved Tennis Player
    • JB Peens
  • Derek Howard Trophy for Senior Singles Tennis Champion
    • JV Keith
  • Roy Foster Memorial Trophy for the Most Improved Water Polo Player in Fifth Form
    • Q Lupton-Smith
  • Matt Kemp Trophy for the Most Improved Water Polo Goalkeeper
    • L Lenz
  • Sean Burgoyne Fellowship Trophy for Water Polo
    • KD Raw
  • Oscar Servant Trophy for the Most Committed Water Polo Player
    • Q Lupton-Smith
  • Justin Joubert Trophy for the Most Valuable Water Polo Player
    • BC Webster
  • Wayne Lofthouse Memorial Prize for Courage and Tenacity in Sport
    • GO Pio
  • Headmaster’s Award for the Highlight of the Year
    • Golf Team
  • Headmaster’s Award for the Best All-Round Sportsman
    • T Prinsloo
  • The Olivier Trophy for Sport and Culture
    • TEJ Zondi
  • Graham Holder Trophy for the Best Overall Contribution to Culture at College
    • JR McFarland
  • Headmaster’s Award for the Sportsman of the Year
    • DM Evans


The 2019 Inter-House competition has been a hotly contested race, and one of the closest seen this year. In the end, it was Common’s House who prevailed by making up three places over the final 6 events. Forder showed consistency throughout the competition but were pipped out of the race in the final few events.

Commons House are both Champion House and Cock House for 2019.

The final log positions in the competition for the Forder Cup were as follows: