Academics at Maritzburg College

Academically, Maritzburg College is one of the leading boys’ schools, both in the province and nationally. Consistent with the school’s ethos of striving for excellence, a high academic standard is nurtured and maintained. We also hold our own internationally, having produced a Fulbright Scholar and several Rhodes Scholars.

We offer a wide range of subjects, including Mathematics, Mathematical Literacy, Life Orientation, English, Afrikaans, isiZulu, History, Geography, Physical Science, Life Sciences, Economics, Accounting, Business Studies, IT, Computer Applications Technology, Graphic Engineering and Design, Visual Arts, Dramatic Arts and Music.

Boys that are academically able are afforded the opportunity to take extra subjects, which broadens their alternatives for tertiary study and personal development.

One of our main objectives is equipping our boys for life after College. While obtaining a Bachelor’s Pass for matric is a stepping stone, it is the quality of the pass and the preparation for tertiary study which are more crucial. To this end, our boys are extended in the classroom way beyond the expectations of the matric exam.

We have a stable and well-qualified teaching body that is committed to its task. Our teachers are passionate about the school and more than prepared to go the extra mile. They take an interest not only in the academic progress of the boys they teach, but also in their wider areas of achievement.

In our main foyer, we have an Honours Board which details the achievements of hundreds of our Old Boys. These include university chancellors, judges, bishops, authors and directors of education. We are justifiably proud of the recognition and honour that these men have brought to our school. We have found, too, that those of our learners who choose to emigrate arrive in their new country well-equipped for the academic challenges that await them.

The achievements of our present learners are celebrated twice a year, at our Academic Prize Giving ceremony and at our Speech Day ceremony. Both of these functions are held in the fourth term, with the Speech Day being held just before the matriculants leave to write their final examinations.

We have excellent classrooms; all sixty-five are carpeted and well-equipped. Our teachers regularly make use of networked computers, digital projectors and interactive whiteboards during lessons. Lesson styles are further enhanced by a wide variety of resources available from the school’s Media Centre.

In 2014, we started our first two iPad pilot classes in Grade 9. Staff, pupils and parents have attended iPad training courses to ensure that full benefit is derived from this form of e-learning. This pilot project is subject to ongoing evaluation as the years go by, and higher up the school there is a “bring-your-own-device” policy, making technology available to all.

Our four computer laboratories, also equipped with digital projectors, allow for the needs of subject teachers and boys wishing to take Information Technology as a subject. Our junior learners have two lessons of Computer Literacy per cycle to provide them with necessary computer skills and to tie in with the subject departments and their special needs. The school has a network of two hundred and fifty computers linked to three servers.