Digital Infrastructure and Learning at Maritzburg College

Maritzburg College realises the value of information, communication and technology in our school and community. Technology is infused into every area of the academic curriculum, cultural activities and sporting environment.

To support the various sectors of our College community, we provide the following:

  • Wi-Fi in the academic school block, boarding houses and Indoor Centre
  • A Learner Management System (Moodle) which consists of past papers, PowerPoints, video links to lessons, examination timetables, examination breakdowns and sporting highlights
  • A YouTube channel consisting of academic video lessons, sporting highlights and marketing features
  • Papercut, to ensure that every boy has access to printing
  • Three computer labs, two of which have recently been upgraded with the third to follow in 2018
  • Office 365 for students and staff, giving them access to OneDrive, MS OneNote, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel and other Microsoft apps
  • A state of the art Firewall, restricting students and staff access to inappropriate content and cyber threats
  • Infrastructure to support iPads, Tablets and smartphones
  • A Network Administrator, IT Technician, IT Development Assistant and a TechSquad to assist students and staff
  • Regular staff training and network sessions pertaining to the integration of technology in the classroom
  • Clickview, a personal video library
  • D6 Communicator

We are in the process of continually researching and testing emerging technologies and techniques to ensure that College remains at the forefront of technology in education.

Every Educator has access to either a laptop, iPad or desktop computer. 75% of our educators have been provided with laptops and iPads. This ensures that educators have the necessary tools to provide a modern education for every student. These resources help to narrow the digital divide between student and educator. We are currently awaiting the SA launch of Microsoft Classroom; Microsoft’s tailored educational app, which we will implement into our environment.

Director of Digital Learning
James Maistry