Afrikaans First Additional Language

The aim is to teach English speaking boys how to communicate through the medium of Afrikaans – verbally and in written work.

The purpose of the lessons is to engage the boys in a meaningful way so that they develop an appreciation for the language and so that their proficiency improves. While learning Afrikaans, they also develop vital life skills as they hone their communication skills and exercise critical thinking.

Who should opt for Afrikaans?
Boys who want to improve their communication in Afrikaans should choose it as their first additional language. It is an indigenous language and is widely spoken across the country.

Outline of the curriculum

The curriculum covers areas of: creative writing, comprehension, grammar, literature and oral communication, over all the years in high school.

What are the highlights of the course?

Boys respond positively to the use of music videos by popular artists, which are used to enhance the teaching of grammar and vocabulary. They also enjoy the use of technology-aided learning in grammar lessons. Afrikaans cultural evenings have ensured great opportunities to combine fun with the learning and appreciation of Afrikaans. There is always caring assistance for boys who work hard yet find the language challenging.


In Forms 4 to 6 the breakdown is as follows:

  • Oral 50
  • Creative Writing 100
  • Literature 70
  • Comprehension & Language 80