Agricultural Sciences

Agricultural Sciences is a multidisciplinary field of biology that encompasses the parts of exact, natural, economic and social sciences that are used in the practice and understanding of agriculture.

The main topics in the Agricultural Sciences curriculum are:

  •         Soil science
  •         Plant studies
  •         Animal studies
  •         Agricultural economics
  •         Basic agricultural chemistry
  •         Basic genetics and biological concepts
  •         Sustainable natural resource utilisation
  •         Agro-ecology

We are very excited at the prospect of offering Agricultural Sciences as a choice subject in the Maritzburg College curriculum from 2018.

Boys will be given the opportunity of:

  •         Hands-on dissecting and analysing various specimens of animals, plants and soil in the lab
  •         Produce their own vegetables in a tunnel, using a hydroponic system
  •         Enjoy excursions and exposure to dairy/poultry/beef production system

Agricultural Sciences is an intellectually and practically demanding and stimulating subject, and a great grounding for general farm management or further studies at university or college towards:

    •         Veterinary medicine
    •         Agricultural business
    •         Animal science
    •         Food sciences and technologies
    •         Horticulture
    •         Plant science and agronomy
    •         Soil science

Agricultural Sciences should not be considered an ‘easier option’ by boys who are interested in taking Life Sciences and/or Physical Science. Agricultural Sciences is an integrated science that combines learning areas, knowledge and skills from:

      •         Physical sciences
      •         Life sciences
      •         Social sciences
      •         Earth sciences
      •         Engineering
      •         Mathematics
      •         Economics

This subject must be seen within the holistic science framework, rather than as an isolated science, and reinforcement of concepts will help boys achieve better in the fields outlined above.

Subject Head
Mr Jonathan Tyler
Teaching is in my blood. It is my true calling and my passion.