Business Studies

Business Studies is structured to develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values which are necessary to enable pupils to participate responsibly, productively and effectively in business activities.

Business Studies is a holistic subject, giving learners a 360º perspective of the world around them as well as the ability to analyse, interpret and interact with different aspects of it in a professional and dynamic way. It includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Life skills (problem solving, group dynamics, situational analysis, creative thinking)
  • Preparation for the world of work (labour law, career pathing, managerial skills, marketing, HR.)
  • Financial literacy (budgeting, analysing financial statements, interest rates, exchange rates, investments)
  • Proper research skills (primary and secondary research, non-plagiarism training)
  • Practical application (interpretation of case studies, entrepreneurial skills)

Skills required in this subject are comprehension skills, analytical thinking and problem solving attitudes.

Outline of the curriculum

The subject has four main categories that follow on from one another in a sensible and logical way.

Micro Environments

  • Micro, market and macro environments
  • Business sectors
  • Socio-economic issues

Business Ventures

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business opportunities and related factors
  • Business plan
  • Management and leadership
  • Forms of ownership
  • Setting up a business
  • Contracts
  • Business location
  • Investments, securities and insurance
  • Presentation of business information

Business Roles

  • Creative thinking and problem solving
  • Self-management, professionalism and ethics
  • Social responsibility
  • Stress, crisis, change, and conflict management
  • Relationships and team performance

Business Operation

  • Business functions
  • Quality of performance

Career Opportunities

Irrespective of chosen careers, everyone works within a business environment and a better understanding of business dynamics will help them to manage both their individual careers and those of their subordinates.

By choice or default, many of our learners will end up in entrepreneurial businesses and the skills learnt in Business Studies will provide a solid basis, even if they have pursued other tertiary studies.

Finally, each individual needs management skills to plan and run their own personal lives and family units.

Maritzburg College has launched a Business Studies Mentorship Programme. The programme involves 5th form Business Studies learners and Old Collegians who have volunteered their time and expertise to encourage and extend our boys in their area of business interest.

The initial function was an informal Meet and Greet format, where boys were introduced to their Mentors. We had a total of 26 Old Collegians take part in this first event and we are planning to continue with this meeting on a termly basis. There is no doubt that the mentorship programme will offer added value to the subject and to the learners involved in the programme at Maritzburg College.

The expectations from the Mentors include:

  • Learners committing to a termly meeting/gathering
  • Honour the mentee by creating lines of open communication
  • Keep regular contact with mentee
  • Promote professional development by means of career skills and life skills.

These gatherings include a short presentation, followed by an hour of connecting between mentors and mentees. We extend our grateful thanks to the many Old Collegians who have committed to being involved in this new endeavour.