Engineering Graphics and Design

In this subject area, the focus is on mechanical assemblies, basic home design and drafting. The electrical facet of home design is also incorporated.

The aim of Engineering Graphics and Design is to equip boys who wish to enter the tertiary fields of mechanical, civil or electrical engineering and associated fields.

Who should opt for this subject?

Engineering Graphics and Design will especially appeal to a student with strong:

  • spatial awareness
  • visual perception
  • creativity
  • appreciation of accuracy and neatness

All boys are able to learn these skills to a level of competence as these requirements may be taught. Attributes which are required are enthusiasm, determination and a sound work ethic.

More able boys are extended by the design projects, enhanced computer skills, and by being exposed to learning institutions such as DUT. Those who are under-achieving are offered extra lessons and are mentored.

Outline of the curriculum

The curriculum requires boys to be creative in planning, designing and executing their drawings and projects. The boys cover similar areas of study over the three years of the FET phase (Grades 10-12) but the depth required increases each year as their skills are developed and honed.

These curriculum areas are:

  • Construction
  • Loci
  • Civil
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Perspective
  • Design projects

Highlights of the course

F1 in schools

Boys design a Formula 1 car on computer to spec. The car is then cut out on a CNC machine with certain components created on a 3D printer. The car is propelled over a 20 metre track by means of a CO2 canister. It is an international competition with participants aged 13-19 from about 38 countries competing. Marks are awarded for design, speed, engineering, marketing, sponsorship and interviewing skills.

College has been to three World Champs so far and won the collaboration section in Malaysia.


This is a similar project to the F1 but the car has already been designed. The boys are required to cut it out and build it. This project centres around achieving supersonic speed. In 2015, the record-breaking aim was to achieve a speed of 1000 miles/hour.


Grades 10, 11 & 12

  • 25% Continuous Assessment
  • 25% Practical Assessment Task
  • 50% Final Exam

In Grade 10, boys write 2 x 2 Hour Exams: (2 x 150 marks)

In Grades 11 & 12, 2 x 3 Hour Exams: (2 x 200 marks)