Information Technology

Information Technology is the study of the various interrelated physical and non-physical technologies used for the capturing of data, the processing of data into useful information and the management, presentation and dissemination of data.

Information Technology studies the activities that deal with the solutions to problems through logical and computational thinking. It includes the physical and non-physical components for the electronic transmission, access, and manipulation of data and information.

Outline of the curriculum

The diagram below illustrates how the six main topic areas of the Information Technology curriculum support the teaching of digitally informed learners.

Who should opt for this subject?

Information Technology is an academically demanding subject. It requires a very good mathematical background, an enquiring mind, problem-solving abilities and a rigorous work ethic. It is ideal for the academically able boy who has an interest in programming and working on his computer. It is advised strongly that if a boy does not achieve a B for Maths at the end of Grade 9 then he should not choose this subject.

Lesson Structure

Information Technology is offered as an extra subject at College. Lessons are held once a week for 2 hours for each grade. Presently, boys are learning Java, Delphi and SQL coding. Interaction with databases such as Derby and Microsoft Access is also a focus.