isiZulu First Additional Language

This subject aims to engender an appreciation of the language and of the Nguni culture. It covers some background to the language, literature study and grammar.

Boys must have studied isiZulu at primary school if they are to choose it on entering Maritzburg College at Grade 8 level.

The emphasis of the syllabus is on effective communication and efforts are made to have the boys conversant with the language while developing an enjoyment of the language. The subject consists of a few learning areas, namely: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

The acquisition of vocabulary is key and boys are expected to extend their vocabulary through reading on their own, as well as by applying themselves to the study of prescribed texts.

Highlights of the course are the annual outing and isiZulu Cultural Evening.


In Forms 4 and 5 (Grades 10 and 11), the term marks and June Exam marks make up the continuous, school-based assessment mark (SBA), counting 25% towards the final mark, and then the November Exam counts for the remaining 75% of the final mark.

In Form 6 (Grade 12), the continuous assessment (SBA) counts 25% and the final matric exam counts 75%.