Mathematical Literacy

This subject is a good alternative for those who try hard at Maths and yet find it difficult to pass comfortably. The approach is more practical, less abstract and centres around life issues.

A good mark in this subject is preferable to a very weak one in Maths for many tertiary courses so some career guidance is necessary if there is uncertainty. The school’s Guidance Counsellor may assist in this regard if boys require help from the College campus, particularly as Maths Literacy is not acceptable for admission to a number of tertiary courses, those that require a sound mathematical ability of course.

Who should take this subject?

Those who work hard at Maths and yet struggle to succeed at an acceptable level should take Maths Literacy and aim to achieve at a high level.

Outline of the curriculum

This subject involves a more practical approach to numbers and some of the concepts covered are

  • Finance
  • Measurement
  • Maps and Plans
  • Data handling
  • Probability
  • Patterns and relationships
  • General calculations


SBA (school-based assessment) counts 25% of the year mark and the final exam counts the remaining 75%. The SBA is made up of tests, assignments, investigations and the June Exam.

Exams consist of two papers. Paper 1 is the ‘Skills’ paper which assesses the proficiency of content and skills. Paper 2 is the ‘Applications’ paper and it assesses the ability to use mathematical & non-mathematical techniques to explore familiar & unfamiliar concepts.