Maritzburg College Application

This online application will allow you to apply for admission for your son ("the Learner") to attend Maritzburg College. Completing this application process will send all provided information to Maritzburg College in order for the school to consider the Learner for admission.


You will need a valid email address and personal information such as ID numbers, addresses and contact numbers for the parents/guardians.
The following documents (certified or uncertified) are required. Please make sure that these are already scanned and ready to upload. (There is no time to scan these while you are completing the application, as your session may time-out and you would have to restart the process.)
Only .pdf files are accepted. For the Learner's photo, image files are also accepted. If you do not have a scanner, you can search the App/Play Store for a .pdf scanner app.
If any of these documents are more than one page in length (e.g. a 3-page clinic card) please scan these pages into a single 3-page .pdf.
Please only upload the document requested under each heading.

1) A copy of the Learner's report

If applying for Grade 8, please remember to send us a copy of the Learner's Grade 6 December report once you have received it. You can still submit the application form in the meantime, however.

If applying for Grades 9-12, we require a copy of the previous year's December report, as well as the Learner's latest/mid-year report.

2) A copy of the Learner's unabridged (full) birth certificate

This reflects the names and ID numbers of both parents. If you do not have the new (unabridged) certificate, you may submit the old (abridged) certificate in the meantime.

However, you must apply for the unabridged birth certificate from the Department of Home Affairs and send us proof of application (i.e. a copy of the receipt). Please ensure that you send us the new unabridged certificate before the Learner starts at Maritzburg College, as no learner may be admitted without this.

3) A copy of the Learner's clinic card (as proof of vaccination)

Please read these regulations regarding vaccinations.
The school is not allowed to accept any learner without proof of vaccination. Affidavits or doctor's certificates are NOT acceptable. Please visit your local clinic if you have lost the Learner's clinic card.

4) A copy of both Parents'/Guardians identity documents (ID)

If a parent is deceased, we will require a death certificate instead.

Single parents:  If you are unable to provide all details of the Learner's other biological parent (e.g. ID numbers, addresses, contact numbers) please discuss your situation with the Finance Department before completing this application. Single parents who have completed an affidavit provided by our Finance Department will need to upload the affidavit as well as a copy of their own ID.

5) A recent photo of the Learner

This must be an image or .pdf file.

6)Recent proof of residence

A utility bill, lease agreement or affidavit from the person who owns/leases the property at which you live will suffice.

7)Any documents to support the learners application (Optional)

Any additional documents or information (not included in 1 to 6 above) must be scanned together in a single .pdf document. Examples include academic and sporting certificates.

Choose an option to proceed:

Year for admission: (This is the year in which you intend the Learner to start at Maritzburg College)

Leaving this application unattended for longer than 30 minutes may result in your session being reset.