Assembly 31 August | Maritzburg College

Assembly 31 August

Assembly 31 August

Theme: College Credo


Good morning gentlemen

We open this assembly with a message from  Harshad Mewalall Chairman of the Hindu Society

Thank you very much Mewalall  

Askew will now say the School Prayer


Today I would like to focus on our College Credo as a follow up to the ADP and the theme of tolerance.

At an assembly in late January, Mr Marwick introduced to you something that we have called “College Culture” – a set of guiding, lasting beliefs that go beyond our Core Values and, we hope, will strongly influence the way that you young men of College will live, work and play during your time at the school – and beyond.

In putting together a “College Culture” document, the drafters have tried to answer questions that include, “What does it mean to be a College boy?” and “What are the key aspects of the ‘Maritzburg College experience’?”

There is nothing earth-shattering or surprising about the contents of the handbook, which emphasises the noble, honourable, upright and lasting attributes of all that is best in our school.

The aim is to provide a contract for you to follow for now – and a blueprint for the future.

As part of your acknowledging that there is a certain “College Culture” at this school, we want you all to, in a few minutes’ time today, take a vow or a pledge, which we want to become a contract between you and your school, and something that, over time, becomes a way a life for you.

The contents of that pledge – which we have called the “College Credo” – were introduced to you by Mr Marwick in January, and were workshopped in a mentor session that you all attended in early February.

The words to that Credo should be familiar to you all, and are up on the screen now.

Since that mentor session in early February, the “Credo” has been very slightly amended, and it is my pleasant task today to formally and publicly release the finalised “Maritzburg College Credo”.

I ask that you all now stand and ready yourself to take the pledge together, in your mentor classes.

Raise your right hand, and let us read the words on the screen together:

The Maritzburg College CREDO

I, as a scholar at Maritzburg College, vow –


  • To live out the Core Values of the school and its “College Culture”.
  • To always remain loyal and true to my school and our “band of brothers”.
  • To live out the school’s Core Traditions of –
  • A College boy is loyal to his family, friends, school, community and country.
  • A College boy is honest and tells the truth.
  • A College boy thinks of others first.
  • A College boy always gives of his best and never gives up.
  • A College boy is respectful to and of others.
  • A College boy always owns up.
  • A College boy is always immaculately turned out and displays good manners at all times.

 This, I pledge in front of the Headmaster, staff, and all my College brothers.


Gentlemen, thank you for taking the College Credo.

It is my sincere hope as your headmaster that you will be mindful of its stirring words, which were deliberately composed in a tone that is both inspiring and heroic.

I hope that the words of this solemn and meaningful pledge will be with you, not just during your time as a Maritzburg College schoolboy, but throughout your life.

You will all be provided with a physical, printed pledge certificate to sign at your mentor lesson on Wednesday.

We will ask that at least one of your parents signs it too, as a confirmation of your family’s commitment to and support of the values that underpin our great school.

I wish you all a very good productive week and that you will all remain safe and healthy

Pro Aris et Focis

God Bless