Assembly 7 September | Maritzburg College

Assembly 7 September

Assembly 7 September

Theme: Academic Endeavour

The link for our full virtual assembly for 7 September is here

Mr Luman addressed the boys of College, with a focus on Academic Endeavour, with the Term 2 academic reports recently been circulated.

‘It is hard to be successful without being hopeful.
When you think the future will be better than the present, you start working harder today’ – 
Shane J Lopez

If your results are not where they should be, then there is the time to rectify the situation and strive to be the best that you can be academically.

As you are well aware we are in the process of appointing the 5th form leaders for next year and 116 boys attended a leadership camp last week. The follow up to that is that a number of boys will be invited to attend interviews later this week before the acting prefects are announced next week. We wish all the boys all the best as they go through the process. What is important to note is that ALL of the 6th form in 2021 will by default be leaders as they are the seniors in College and the rest of the forms look up to them to lead them.

Isaiah 41:9-10: 9 I took you from the ends of the earth, from its farthest corners I called you.
I said, ‘You are my servant’;     I have chosen you and have not rejected you.
10 So do not fear, for I am with you;  do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you;
I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

 Please bow your heads as we pray:

‘Dear Lord, please help us to strive to be the best that we can be and reach our full potential in our academic endeavours.’  Amen


It now gives me great pleasure to invite our Deputy Head: Academics, Mrs Finnie to address you

(Link to the Head of Academic’s message)


Studies have shown that a sense of humour can improve your mental and physical health, boost your attractiveness, and improve your leadership skills.

The famous British comedian John Cleese from ‘Fawlty Towers’ fame had the following  to say about laughter

‘Laughter connects you with people. It’s almost impossible to maintain any kind of distance or any sense of social hierarchy when you’re just howling with laughter. Laughter is a force for democracy.

Trevor Smith, a teacher of humour psychology, says that we use humour in a time of crisis “to provide perspective and to help us deal with the emotional turmoil and stress that we might be dealing with”. He believes humour is needed now because it “lightens one’s burdens, inspires hope and keeps us focused and alert in difficult times” and is “a wonderful diversion that brings positive feelings and emotions”1.

In this Covid-19 crisis “people feel frazzled, as well as pushed and pulled in different directions”.

Relief can come in the form of a shared experience of laughter which both relieves the tension as well as unifies those enjoying the humour together.

We invite you t enjoy this video

Eric Tsytsylin2 believes that working adults are “in the midst of a laughter drought”.

Babies laugh, on average, 400 times a day; people over 35, only 15 times.

Let’s all try to laugh more



A big thank you for all who have supported the two major activities. It is greatly appreciated.

  1. Support Lifeline & Rape Crisis (6th form)

 Here is the link to our #CollegeCares video of the handover to LifeLine:

 Food Donations to needy households (2nd – 5th form)

We are handing the donated food items and those purchased with the cash that was donated, to the charities this week and next week. Please join me as we congratulate all these boys for their efforts



Congratulations to a number of our boys on receiving their awards

Large White Badge Sports Awards 

 I wish you all a very good week

Pro Aris et Focis

Stay healthy and safe