The Traditional Ethos of Maritzburg College Boarding

Maritzburg College generally, and its BE especially, are places that unashamedly believe in rites of passage, and that things are earned over time.

Within days of his arrival as a Form 2 boarder, a boy will have to go through something called ‘Vietnam’, which will test his determination and team-work, but will mean that by the start of the school year he will be well on his way to becoming a proud, upstanding young man of Nathan’s.

Over the course of his first year as a College boarder, he will wake up early, polish his own shoes, tidy his own locker and make his own bed. He will organise his laundry and his schoolbooks for the day, and make sure that he knows where his classes are, who his teachers are, and what his duties after school are. He will play sport in the afternoon sunshine, will help with the tidying up after practices, and will do his prep after supper. All the while he will be well fed, hopefully get lots of rest and develop lasting friendships, a sense of belonging and an understanding of the importance of tradition.

Although the first year of boarding can be difficult for some boys, especially those a long way from home, luckily no Form 2 boy is ever alone in finding his feet. He will have around him 99 other boys missing home just as much and struggling in a big new environment just as much, as well as hand-picked Nathan’s prefects to inspire and mentor him, the Housemaster and his staff to guide his development, the Sanatorium sisters, and the many College teachers and coaches who play a significant role in creating an atmosphere of community.

From this cauldron of bustle and activity are the proudest sons of College forged.