Nathan House

Nathan House is what our Grade 8 (2nd Form) boarders call home for their first year at College. Here they are comfortable in their own space with peers their age. No seniors live in this house, besides the prefects who are specifically selected to take up a mentorship role.

Built more than 100 years ago, the history of the building can be seen in the many names engraved on its red brick walls over the years. There are a number of comfortable dormitories, housing between 6 and 26 boys, to allow for greater socialisation and the forging of new friendships. A large, well-equipped common room is found downstairs, offering the boys a comfortable, homely environment in which to relax and catch up at the end of the day, or watch the weekend’s sporting events.

Nathan House boys develop a strong bond during their first year and enjoy a wonderful camaraderie. This is where lifelong friendships begin.

Meet the Nathan House Team

Dirkus Hoffman

Deputy Housemaster
Murray-John Smit (OC)

S’celo Zuma (OC)

Graeme Waters (OC)

Buntu Mdutyana

Dylan Coombes

Zola Mazwi

Darren Sherriff

Nathan House Prefects 2019

Head of House
D Dyer

Head Prefect
T van Aardt

K Huizinga

Z Jali

S Little