Calling on all our OC College Zarm Fans | Maritzburg College

Calling on all our OC College Zarm Fans

Calling on all our OC College Zarm Fans

Share your Zarm experience & How to make one during Lockdown

How to make your Own “College Zarm”

What better way to connect to other Collegians past and present than through one thing we all have in common; a craving for a College Zarm.

While our Zarm Farm has had to shut its doors temporarily, you may not have to wait as long as you think for the cheesy goodness of a Zarm.

Maritzburg College has levelled a challenge to the boys to create their own Zarm.

We as the MCOBA challenge Old Collegians to show them how it’s done.
Tell us how you go about making your version of a College Zarm, send in a picture of your creation, along with your memories of the sandwich and we’ll share these.

Feel free to share any “Do’s and Don’ts” of your own when it comes to preparing and enjoying a Zarm.

Here is the recommended plan from MCOBA President, Grant Little:

  1. Starts the night before with sleeping on your College jersey the night before the big game
  2. Getting all the ingredients. 2 slightly stale pieces of bread (cardboard can be used as an alternative – but be careful it often tastes better than the original!). Axle grease and faded referee plastic yellow cards (never used on a College boy before) make the basic ingredients.
  3. You need to use a flat griddle type toaster – that is fairly hot (the age and overuse in the zarm farm – plus the caking of years of zarm detritus mean the efficiency is not high on the agenda).
  4. Remember to toast until golden brown and air dry on some wax proof paper for a short while before adding the cheapest tomato sauce and mustard. Some of the younger generation have gone all Jamie Oliver (or is that Keith Olivier) and now add sweet chilli sauce – sacrilege – next minute they will be allowing 2nd formers to stop saying Please! This amazing sauce needs to be mixed in a circular fashion (never change direction otherwise the geometric pattern is disturbed causing no end of implications due to the Butterfly Effect).
  5. Finally as a day boy in isolation I sit quietly to enjoy my zarm – and no sooner that I take my first bite – there are 3 boarders around me asking for a “happie”

DON’T… take it out in public or you might find yourself surrounded.

DO…enjoy it by yourself and all to yourself.