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College Boys represent KZN: SAGE Entrepreneurs

College Boys represent KZN: SAGE Entrepreneurs

KZN Finalists in the SA Sage Teen Entrepreneur Competition

Two of our College boys, Chase Whiting (5th form) and Richard Duckham (4th form), have been chosen as one of three businesses to represent KwaZulu-Natal in the SA SAGE 2020 Teen Entrepreneur Competition.

The learners have been working on their business (Chaser Solutions) and have developed a product called, The Chaser Case. They believe the product is innovative and are hoping to revolutionise the security and safety of people.

The competition will take place on  3rd and 4th July 2020, on Facebook. Each team must prepare and submit a 10 min oral presentation.  The judges are independent from both the private and public (government) sector. This gives the boys an opportunity to meet a potential investor for their business.

The announcement of the Final Top 6 Teams will be made on 4th of July 2020, and these teams will have a live ZOOM Q&A session visible to the public on YouTube. This will add onto their score to determine South Africa’s Two Top Teams for the National Competition. The announcement of the winning team will be live on Facebook and YouTube on 4th July 2020 at 18h00 – 19h00. Winners of this prestigious competition receive R30 000, half of which is used for developing the business, and half is awarded to the team members.

Included as part of the competition is a SAGE SA mentorship session held from 23-26 June using the WhatsApp groups created to communicate within each province.