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College’s new “Scholarship Mom”

College’s new “Scholarship Mom”

We bid farewell to Sally Fuhri and welcome Caitlin Brent into this important role

College this month bid a sad farewell to Sally Fuhri, who, for three years, has been our “Scholarship Mom”. Sally has looked after the 52 boys in her care with her unique style of warmth, love and generosity, and College, as well as ‘her boys’ will miss her dearly!

Taking over the reins and trying to fill these big shoes is College’s current Events Co-ordinator, Caitlin Brent. Caitlin has been a part of the College family for just over two years and has been involved in College’s major tournaments and festivals, as well as the smaller ones. Already familiar with the school’s systems and structures, and because she knows many of our boys, Caitlin was approached to take on the very important role of “Scholarship Mom” from the beginning of July.

Caitlin has already begun learning the ropes of the position and by all accounts is thoroughly enjoying it!

“Maritzburg College has, and continues to produce some very special young men. I was honoured when I was approached to take on this new role as I know what an important aspect it is in these young men’s lives.”

Caitlin says she hopes she can continue the amazing work that Sally has done.

“It’s such an incredible opportunity. I feel privileged that I get to help these exceptional boys – even in the small ways. And College is such a fantastic community –and there are already so many ways in which help and support has been offered.

 We are currently in talks with the Maritzburg College Foundation and Goldstones Club to see how we can get more people involved in supporting our Scholarship boys. We want to ensure these boys can make the most of their time at College, which is their home – and we want to instil in them that College is more than that – it’s a family.”