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Contributing to alleviating Global Warming

Contributing to alleviating Global Warming

College’s Spekboom Project & Challenge

Global warming is at the fore front global concerns; its effects have had devastating consequences on all parts of the globe. Examples of these include extreme weather patterns, such as the recent flooding in parts of KZN and prolonged droughts over Australia that caused dreadful bush fires. Global warming and climate change are having an effect on all of us. So the question Mr Adam Usher posed to the young men of College, especially in the Geography department, is “What are you doing to change the environment to curb the inevitable build-up of greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere?”

This is where the Spekboom challenge started; boys were encouraged to bring a potted Spekboom snippet to the classroom nursery. This amazing indigenous plant has an unbelievable capacity to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, thus becoming the plant of choice in our challenge. Many small actions can equal to a lot, so 1 has become 2, 2 has become 4, 4 had become 8 and now we have over 35 potted Spekboom plants in the classroom nursery. We are hoping to grow the challenge so that we can eventually plant them in the College grounds and have our own ‘Spekboom forest’, ensuring that we have better air quality and to do our little bit towards remedying global warming and climate change.

The challenge does not end with College boys, and we would like to reach out to staff, parents and old boys to become part of the challenge.

“ I always wondered why somebody doesn’t do something about global warming. Then I realised that I am somebody.’’ –quote (unknown)  – Let this not be you. Lets do our bit