Maritzburg College Hindu Society

Hindu Society is hosted every Tuesday and Thursday from 2-3pm. 

We have a routine which includes an opening prayer, a discourse and discussion. The discourse alternates between each form to ensure that all boys participate. They enlighten us on topics like Hinduism, Hindu festivals and its significance and values. These also tie in with their morals, values and teachings at College.

We recite songs which the boys have copies of and we recite it while listening to the audio. The boys learn prayer and song each week. Boys are encouraged to bring their prayer so that we all can learn.

We visited the Hare Krishna Temple in Durban in Term 1 and the Goshala in Thornville in Term 2. We participated in the Holi Festival on 21st March and the food drive at Mediclinic on 4th July 2019. Hindu Society also donated R5000 to the Durban flood relief victims in term 2.

Hindu Society will host a show in the last term on 19th October 2019. Boys have brought forward their ideas and the proposed a programme. We have already started with rehearsals. 

MIC: Mrs M. Maharaj 

          Mr N. Pillay

Venue: L11

Head: Mayur Maharaj

Deputy: Keyur Govender