Dramatic Arts at Maritzburg College

Maritzburg College’s dramatic arts programme includes the staging of annual productions, offering our boys the opportunity for creative expression, personal enrichment and the joys of performing on stage. Whether it’s acting, directing, dancing, musical performance, stage management, lighting or sound, being involved in dramatic productions is a very popular option for a large number of our boys.

Annual productions include either a large musical, a full school play or a musical revue. With the growing crowds at auditions and interest in performance over the last few years, more than one production a year is now showcased.

Maritzburg College also holds a Performing Arts Competition each year, where boys can enter in the following categories:

  • drama (as a director or actor)
  • dance (as a dancer or choreographer)
  • individual items (acting)
  • performing musical items (songs or playing musical instruments).

We take part in “FUNK”, the annual dance production at Hilton College, and matric students are given the opportunity to direct short plays in the second term. Local girls’ schools invite the College boys to participate in their productions as the male leads. The university also holds open auditions for some of their plays, offering our boys another opportunity to perform.

In addition to putting on productions, College hosts professional productions from time to time and experts are invited to hold workshops for the boys. The boys are afforded the opportunity of attending several outside productions during the year, including the Hilton Arts Festival for Grade 11’s and the Grahamstown National Arts Festival for Grade 12’s.

The College Actors’ Workshop allows boys to script, direct, produce and perform in theatre, beyond our annual school plays. This programme is responsible for College’s first film production. The film was made on a very modest budget and with very modest equipment. We have just as many boys in front of the camera as we have behind the camera. There is a great deal of learning taking place within this programme and the boys stand to benefit greatly from their involvement .

Boys can achieve awards for their participation in productions. However, the true achievement of the dramatic arts programme at Maritzburg College is the development of confidence, collaborative skills and creativity.