Cycling at Maritzburg College

Cycling is a relatively new sport at Maritzburg College that is enjoying rapid growth. Due to the adventurous nature of the sport, it appeals to the inherent character and spirit of the boys.

Our cycling team consists of over 20 committed cyclists who train together as a squad twice a week and race every weekend.

Cyclists at Maritzburg College will be:

  • expected to be fully committed and involved in our cycling programme and the community
  • given every opportunity possible to develop and improve their skills, strength and abilities
  • encouraged to foster a close relationship with a dynamic team that includes juniors and seniors, coaches as well as parents and other family members
  • inspired to delight themselves in outdoor adventures and care for our natural resources

It is our aim to provide cyclists with the best possible opportunities. Any boy who does cycling as a main sport is expected to participate in at least one event every weekend in our school calendar.

Our boys are transported to and from a riding venue twice a week and to a race every weekend. They have access to the High Performance Centre twice a week, where our Biokineticist, Mr Greeff, issues them with a gym programme and ensures the boys are monitored with regards to fitness and strength conditioning.