Waterpolo at Maritzburg College

In Maritzburg College’s more recent sporting history, waterpolo has established itself as an exciting and highly competitive sport. It is one in which endurance, strength, skill and unwavering dedication play vital roles, and our boys continue to rise to the challenges set by this physically demanding sport.

Waterpolo at Maritzburg College has always enjoyed a strong following amongst the boys. The competitive nature of College boys means they adapt extremely well to the nature of the game. In 1998, a style of waterpolo similar to that played in Europe was adopted. This, together with the adoption of Hungarian training methods, saw us ranked highly in 2000 and ranked number 1 in 2001, with our 1st team winning both the SACS and KES tournaments. In 2002, we again were ranked at the top, with no fewer than 6 boys gaining SA Schools selection.

Over the years, Maritzburg College the sport has maintained a high standard of competitiveness and, although we are in a rebuilding phase, our immediate future looks very promising.