End of Term Circular: Term 3 2020 | Maritzburg College

End of Term Circular: Term 3 2020

End of Term Circular: Term 3 2020

Final Circular for Term 3

We have come to the end of what has been a very unusual term for all of us – very different from what has gone before. Your sons have all missed out on so much this year and none more so than our 6th Form in their final year at College – for many the highlight of their school career. They are to be complimented on their incredible resilience and fortitude and have in the main all risen to the occasion as they realised that old cliché “through adversity comes strength”.

As parents you may collectively feel immense pride as they and you have come to terms with the demands of online learning and home schooling. As our Deputy Headmaster: Academics mentioned, this year we should see our best results ever as their only focus has been academics and they have not had other distractions. I look forward to those results. On that point, our academic staff deserve huge accolades as they came to terms with various online platforms and endeavoured to upskill themselves in order to continue to produce a quality educational service to your sons. Many of them themselves have their own children who also needed to be home schooled and taught, which understandably added to their stress levels. Some struggled to come to terms with the added significant demands and decided to take early retirement. I wish to publicly acknowledge all our staff and thank them sincerely for their incredible commitment and dedication to their calling.

What is now of the utmost importance, is that your sons reflect objectively on their academic progress and reassess their goals for the end of the year’s final examinations. The 6th Form have three academic school days before they commence their NSC exams in earnest with English on Thursday 5th November and the 2nd – 5th Form have four school days as they commence their exams on Monday 9th November. It is essential that, if they are deficient in any one area, they seek additional support from their teachers. They also need to be proactive and be prepared to do some hard work to obtain their best possible results. As stated by a former Dux: ‘There are no shortcuts to success!’ Some of them will more than likely have to do additional work during the very brief holiday.

Staffing Matters
On the staffing front we wish to thank Mrs T Louch for her contribution to College over the past eight years in her various roles as English teacher, Assistant Head of English, Editor of the School Magazine and more recently as Housemaster. We wish her and her family every success as they start a new chapter in their lives in Australia.

Mr B Bosch has taken early retirement but will stay on until the end of Term 4 when he will be appropriately acknowledged at the final assembly.

Congratulations to the following staff on their appointments and we wish them well in their new roles:
Mr K Smith Manager of College Business
Mr N Duvenhage Housemaster of Strachan House
Mr J Tyler Housemaster of Pape House
Mr A Sparrow Subject Head EGD

Important Dates in the Fourth Term

  • Monday 2 November: 4th Term, Dedication Assembly & address to 6th Form by Mcoba
  • Tuesday 3 November; Speech Day, Valedictory Service and Luncheon [Special routine and compulsory attendance for 6th Form]
  • Wednesday 4 November, Last Open Day for 2020
  • Wednesday 11 November, Remembrance Day Service [Special routine]
  • Friday 4 December, Parents’ Annual General Meeting [Ratification of 2021 Tuition and Boarding Fee]
  • Prize-Giving 2nd to 5th Form [Special routine and compulsory attendance]
  • Term 4 closes for Pupils 2nd to 5th Form

 2020 Final Examinations
National Senior Certificate Examinations

  • Thursday 5 November National Senior Certificate Examinations start
  • Tuesday 15 December National Senior Certificate Final Examinations end

Control Tests [End of Year Examinations] 2nd to 5th Form

  • Monday 9 November Control Tests [End of Year Examinations] 2nd to 5th Form begin
  • Monday 30 November Control Tests [End of Year Examinations] 2nd to 5th Form end

Please note that it is compulsory for boys to attend school after exams as it is important for all boys to check their scripts on Mark Check day as no changes will be made after this date.

School Reports
Forms 2 to 5 Term 3 reports will be emailed to parents at the end of Term 3.
Form 6 Final reports will be emailed to parents by Friday (30/10/20); interim reports indicating Term 3 marks will be emailed on Friday (23/10/20).

Textbook Returns
Please ensure your son returns all his textbooks to his subject teacher on Mark Check day which is Wednesday 2 December. Books must not be dropped off anywhere other than being handed personally to your son’s subject teacher on this day. Books not returned in this manner, and returned after this deadline, will be charged to your account. Please impress on your sons the importance of this instruction.

Co-curricular Commitments
The Department of Education has authorised sport and cultural activities to resume at schools. This notice was officially received shortly before the end of Term 3. College will be resuming our co-curricular programme in the first week of Term 4. All return to activities will be done in accordance with the provisions outlined by the Department. In terms of sport, we will not be undertaking formal fixtures against other schools but running an internal participation programme in all Summer codes from weeks 1-4 of the term. Details and information will be given to boys upon their return and further information relayed to the parent community in the first week of the new term.

Parents’ Annual General Meeting – Friday 4 December at 09:00 in the Victoria Hall
Legislation requires that parents be informed of the basis for the preparation of the budget, the proposed school and boarding establishment fee for the next year and the equitable criteria and procedures for the total, partial or conditional exemption of parents who are unable to pay school fees. The Act requires that parents be invited to attend a meeting to discuss and vote on the proposed 2021 Budget. This formal notice has been sent to all parents and is available on the D6.

Christmas Carols for 2020 will be online! After this year the music department saw it fitting that they not only give thanks for the year of challenges but be grateful that they as a music department have been able to perform throughout the year on numerous platforms. Please keep following Maritzburg College on Facebook for more details on this wonderful event. As always, they will be working with the Rotary Club of Pietermaritzburg Azalea, and will be looking to you to make donations to them so they can support a local charity.

Prize Giving – Friday 4 December at 11:00 in the Alan Paton Memorial Hall
This function celebrates the academic success of boys in 2nd to 5th Form. Attendance is compulsory and full school uniform is to be worn. The Guest Speaker is former Deputy Head Ms Ann McLoughlin.

When school reopens in Term 4, we assume that the country will still be under the Alert Level 1 Restrictions in accordance with the National State of Disaster Act. Whilst there certainly has been a reduction in the number of reported cases, both at College and in our education circuit, it is important to ensure that we continue to educate our boys around the basics of Covid compliance for individuals. We urge parents to remind their boys that the wearing of masks and maintaining physical distancing is, first, out of respect for the people we come into contact with daily. Whilst the boys have generally had enough of wearing masks and following different routines – we must constantly remember our duty to our peers and the community we enter daily. The school will be ramping up some of the basic measures after the holiday period to try to ensure an uninterrupted start to the term. Please may we ask that all parents assist us by ensuring that their boys return with the correct mind-set in relation to Covid regulations at school as we continue to fight against the spread of this virus at College, and that they abide by the regulations during the holiday period as well.

Admissions 2021
If your son will not be returning to Maritzburg College in 2021 we would like to remind you that you need to give a term’s notice, otherwise you will be liable for a term’s fees in lieu of notice. The correct procedure is to notify Mrs Parker in the Admissions Department on admissions@mcollege.co.za. In turn she will inform the relevant staff members.

Please ensure that your son(s) return to school with their hair cut and are clean shaven as we have several important functions early on in Term 4 and their grooming needs to be top notch.

School Fees
Whilst I fully appreciate the financial difficulties that many of our families have endured, I wish to thank you for your continued commitment to your son’s education. I respectfully request that you please continue to do so and if you are experiencing any hardship please contact our Mrs Trout in the Finance Department on trouta@mcollege.co.za . Thank you very much.

I wish you and your sons a peaceful, enjoyable and incident-free holiday.

Stay safe and healthy
God Bless