From the Senior Deputy Headmaster, Mr Ingo Talke | Maritzburg College

From the Senior Deputy Headmaster, Mr Ingo Talke

From the Senior Deputy Headmaster, Mr Ingo Talke

Focus on Resilience

This week’s assembly focussed on Resilience.

The link to the assembly for Tuesday 11 August is here

As we go into a new term, and our 5th formers returned to school, for many of our boys and staff, there is a feeling of being overwhelmed. The changes resulting from the COVID pandemic and the disruption to the school year, academically and sporting, seem too much to cope with.

This week – we encourage our boys to be RESILIENT – to hang on, no matter what, to endure when things seem too tough to deal with, and when you are struggling to cope.

Our scripture passage (2 Corinthians 4: 6-9) reminds us that God has given each one of us the strength to endure, to cope and to be resilient in the face of adversity.

Are you stuck in a mental lockdown mode?

Life is full of curve balls. Some, you sense are coming around the corner, others hit you out of nowhere like this pandemic. This leaves your head spinning … wondering “what the heck”

So many of us have fallen into fear casting, building worst case scenarios and wrangling with a whole lot of fears what our futures may hold.

The pandemic and physical lockdown has affected our mental wellbeing and you might now be stuck in a ‘mental lockdown’. The truth is that every curve ball – whether in the form of a disappointment or derailed plan, a setback or struggle – has provided you with a valuable lesson and unique opportunity for growth.

So, how do you get out of this mental lockdown?  

By changing your lens and looking at yourself and the world differently. This lens is grounded in faith and forged in optimism. It operates on the premise that everything works out in the end, so if it hasn’t worked out yet, it’s not yet the end.

We reminded our boys to focus on the positives of the COVID-19 lockdown. Physical and Mental Lockdown have provided us with lessons and opportunities, and changed the way we see and experience the world around us.

  • We have GROWN in OUR FAITH
  • We are more in tune with both our MENTAL AND PHYSICAL WELLBEING
  • We are more RESILIENT
  • We are better UNSKILLED in our ON-LINE ABILITY
  • We are more COMPASSIONATE

In the week’s ahead, we encourage all our boys to:

  • Focus on your dreams
  • Look for the positives in a changed world
  • Focus on finishing strong academically
  • Be there for each other
  • Embrace the challenges that still lie ahead.

Please watch the following video titled: Embrace Your Challenges: You Cannot Grow Without Them – by Margie Warrell here