Members of the Governing Body are elected volunteers who work as part of a team in the best interests of the school; they are not involved with the short-term operational planning, rather the long-term, strategic planning determining the aims and overall vision for the school.

The term of office for the elected members is three years with the office bearers being elected annually.

The Governing Body supports the Headmaster in his professional management of the school. It adopts a Constitution annually and ensures that the school is run along sound business principles.

Governing Body’s monitoring takes place via various sub-committees i.e. Boarding, Facilities Development, Finance, Legal, Marketing and Fundraising. The main areas of responsibility are the setting and implementation of the annual Budget; annual review the school’s policies, ensuring the maintenance and development of the property of the school and the employment and retention of qualified staff.

College Governing Body


Rob Evans

Finance, Trust, Old Boy’s Association

Vice Chairman

Doug Mundell

Fundraising & Marketing, BELA


Mark Bruyns


Parent representatives

Jeff Finnie

Education, Foundation

Andrew Tedder

Facilities Development

Kass Thaver

Legal & Discipline

Robin Westley

Foundation, Legal & Discipline

Michael Woodburn

Facilities Development, Master Plan

Jeff Finnie


Staff members


Chris Luman

Finance, Trust, Foundation, Old Boy’s Association


Sue Calmeyer

Board, MC Club, Facilities Development

Chris Dutton

Staff Liaison, Education

Leigh-Ann Moffatt

Staff Liaison, Social Awareness

Linda Shezi

Staff Liaison, Social Awareness

Learner representatives

Nkondlo Radebe

Social Awareness

Ntuthuko Mchunu

Head Boy

Russell Stainbank

Social Awareness

Co-opted members

Steve Colenbrander

Chairman – Maritzburg College Foundation

Craig MacKenzie

Chairman – College Board, Social Awareness, Facilities Development, Master Plan

Grant Little

President – Old Boy’s Association, Trust

Ryan Delaney


Ex-officio members

Commercial Director

Sven Jager

Finance, Trust, Facilities Development

Director Business Development