Happiness Week: 9-13 March | Maritzburg College

Happiness Week: 9-13 March

Happiness Week: 9-13 March

#KindnessisKey – Celebrating our 4th annual Happiness Week

Our  4th Annual Happiness Week programme runs from Monday 9th March to Friday 13th March.  The purpose of this week is to encourage our boys to engage in simple acts of kindness. While Happiness Week focuses on kindness, the boys are encouraged to continue to always be kind, considerate, compassionate, respectful in everything they do in and outside of school.

We have a variety of items on the programme, and all the activities are driven by College Culture societies.  The two main, whole school activities, are the Bread Buddies initiative and the CHOC  Challenge.  Bread Buddies involves the boys and interested staff in sandwich making drive for the less fortunate in our community.  The CHOC Challenge comprises donating ones change every day for the week from purchases made at the Zarm Farm and Tuckshop.

Other items on the programme include Computer Outreach, Night of  a Thousand Stars  Talent Show, Living Sculptures, Yoga on Barns, Dance, CHOC Challenge, Speakers Circle, Poetry & Flash Fiction, Bread Buddies & a Jazz Concert