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Latest News from the MCOBA Exec

Latest News from the MCOBA Exec

Update on MCOBA Events for 2020

Good day fellow Old Collegians

Thank you to all those OCs who attended our very first virtual AGM. It was a significant milestone to be able to have OCs from around the world joining in (UAE, Australia, USA, Canada, UK and across South Africa). The new Executive Committee is fired up and we are looking forward to a year full of firsts and hopefully adding a lot more value for you in our OC network.

A few months ago, I wrote to you to say that we would be postponing the Reunion festivities to a smaller and more subdued event on 1 August along with the foreplaned last winter fixture of the year, and the Veteran’s luncheon. Sadly, the COVID-19 restrictions in South Africa and elsewhere have not been lifted and we are now making the call that this event is totally cancelled. However, if any fixtures do take place, I can assure you, the MCOBA will make sure that we invite OCs and we make the most of enjoying supporting the #RedBlackWhite in whatever code is happening. I really do look forward to being able to have a chat with you on the grounds when that happens.

The one event that we have to look forward to and is moving ahead with contingency planning and risk assessments is the very special Induction Ceremony for the 6th Formers as they join the MCOBA. This is planned for mid-October and we have a very special initiative that we are offering OCs. The initiative was launched last year and offers the opportunity for each one of you to donate a tie (or multiple ties) to the Class of 2020. These ties are old boys ties – but with a personalised message along the lines of “Donated by YOURNAME (Class of XX).” It is also possible to donate as an anonymous OC.

I urge you to please make a donation of at least 1 tie to the current Class of 2020 – a tie with a personalised message only costs R150. Please click on this link (www.alumnet.xxxx/xxxxx) and leave your commitment. This needs to be concluded by 30 August to allow us enough time to get the ties personalised in time for the Induction Ceremony.

I look forward to engaging with you and please feel free to drop me an email or contact the office with any questions or needs.


Pro Aris et Focis

Grant Little