Learning On-line #3 | Maritzburg College

Learning On-line #3

Learning On-line #3

Cameron Hankinson (4th Form) shares his highs & lows as well as some useful tips

Highs of On-line learning

  1. You are flexible time wise
  2. There is no rush to complete your work
  3. You can be comfortable in your own working space
  4. You can take breaks

Lows of On-line learning

  1. There is no one on one contact with your teacher
  2. The work is not explained to you as clearly
  3. You need strong self-discipline
  4. There are lots of distractions

What has worked best for me

  • I found that by completing the daily tasks on the day, I stayed on top of the work load. This allowed me free time to relax. Setting an alarm at a reasonable time in the mornings also helped. I stayed away from distractions until my work was done, but also allowed myself breaks.

Suggestions to my peers

  • Write down your daily tasks
  • Stay on top of your work, ideally on a daily basis
  • Set an alarm in the mornings
  • Reduce distractions
  • Find yourself a proper working area