Lockdown Relief Appeal Update | Maritzburg College

Lockdown Relief Appeal Update

Lockdown Relief Appeal Update

Our COVID-19 Campaign to support College Boys

COVID-19 has changed the lives of most if not all of the Maritzburg College community including the school, staff, pupils and parents, as well as our Old Boys. One of the most urgent needs identified early on under Lockdown was that some of our boys were unable to access on-line learning, either because they could not afford data or because they had no suitable device. Some also experienced basic crises such as lack of food. For this reason, the school together with the College Foundation, launched our #LockdownRelief Appeal.


The boys being supported have been identified by staff at College, the Foundation and our Scholarship support programme and currently number nearly 100. In most cases, these boys are getting data to ensure that they can continue with their studies. Some boys have also been given donated devices (laptops or tablets).

#ChangingLives #ShapingFutures

We had an overwhelming response from donors, we surpassed the R277 000 mark and 14 devices have been donated! We are deeply grateful to every person who donated towards the campaign – whether it be monetary or a device –you have truly made a difference for these boys. They have been able to continue with their academic year.

A further initiative that has formed past of this campaign has been the on-line auction of a painting of Forder Oval entrance by our own Brent Dodd. Brent’s magnificent painting evoked considerable interest with some active bidding, before College OC Bruce Hogg, already a donor of the school, secured the winning bid in excess of R18 000.

Our #LockdownRelief Campaign is winding down, and we believe it achieved what it intended to do – addressed the immediate needs of our vulnerable learners. We will ensure that boys receive data and their other needs are met over the next 2-3 months until they are back at school. Donors still wishing to make their pledge to the campaign can do so on the College Foundation website www.collegefoundation.co.za