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Matric Results Carpe Diem

Matric Results Carpe Diem

Matrics of 2020:  Results are out and Time Waits for No Man

If you take one thought with you from the past year’s struggle, let it be ‘CARPE DIEM’.  From ‘seize the day’ to ‘don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today’, there’s a lot to be said for this maxim – good advice for us all..  Since time immemorial humans have bewailed their penchant to procrastinate; indeed the phrase ‘the early bird catches the worm’ was no doubt invented by our forefathers to mean the self-same thing!

For the Matrics of 2020, the fruits of your labours have just been revealed.  For some, this will have been a positive experience.  Hard work pays off and all that.  It really, really does.  Your future is rosy and doors have opened to you.  You feel a sense of worth and not a little self pride – just desserts, most would say.  That crock of gold at the end of the rainbow!

This isn’t the case for everyone, though.  Perhaps you didn’t put the work in that you now realise you should have.  Or, perhaps every moment of the matric experience was stressful and a struggle for you.  Negative emotions can threaten to engulf you now…disappointment, self-recriminations, low self-worth and even hopelessness.  Maybe you don’t know where to go from here?

No matter where on this spectrum we could plot your results, the truth for all is that this is not a dress rehearsal.  Every day counts… and it’s in your hands. How empowering that is!  For last year’s matrics who achieved; for those that excelled, its onwards and upwards.  Your confidence in your own ability is strong.  You have a formula to work off now, as you move into your new world.  Don’t look back! And don’t rest on your laurels.  Make 2021 an even better year, reaching new limits and realising greater goals.  Remember, you can be anyone that you want to be.

For those whose long- awaited results were a let-down; perhaps even felt as an embarrassment; the message is no different… CARPE DIEM…seize the day this time!  Know that it is never too late to start over, and that humans are surprisingly resilient.  Make a decision without delay to learn from your mistakes and put every effort into every challenge, every day.

A special note to parents of the 2020 Matrics could not be crafted without reference to CARPE DIEM! Parents, teach your children to seize the day.  Encourage them to harness positivity, opportunities and to make each minute count, going forward.  Show your children strength in adversity, how to look up when you feeling down and that every day is a new day.

In conclusion, a message to all:  Live your best life.

MATRICS OF 2020: RESULTS ARE OUT AND TIME WAITS FOR NO MAN is written by Mrs Renee Wulfsohn, [B.A (Hons Psychology) H.D.E; M.Ed (Ed Psych)] who offers Counselling; Academic Support; Career Counselling; Life Coaching; Remedial Support amongst other areas of expertise. She spent many years at Maritzburg College, counselling boys and staff alike but is now based in Pennington where she runs her Counselling Support Consulting Services. Contact details for Face to face or Skype consults: