Message from our Deputy Head: Academics | Maritzburg College

Message from our Deputy Head: Academics

Message from our Deputy Head: Academics

Encouraging and Inspiring Words for our Boys

To our young men of Maritzburg College.

We miss you! We miss your energy, your laughter and your enjoyment of life!

We miss our classroom interactions and your passion for the co-curricular programme.

I am sure that many of you are feeling quite overwhelmed at present, and possibly anxious about what your future may hold and how you will cope. I understand that, so are we.

I believe that the best way to tackle this from an academic point of view, is to put some kind of structure and routine into your day, much as you would have if you were at school. Tear yourselves away from social media, and allocate time to work on what your teachers have set for you. Try to set aside a part of your day for exercise or activity, and also have some time to do what you enjoy. Keep in touch with your teachers, and let them know if you are struggling. All of their email addresses are available on the Maritzburg College website. Remember too, that you are not alone in this journey, we are all right behind you. Many of you are on MS Teams with your teachers, engage with them, ask questions, get explanations, submit work and let them know how you are doing. There are many videos available on our YouTube channel, and use the free resources that are available to you at this time on the Moodle. We have done as much as we can to equip you with all that you need to weather this storm. You can do this, we know you can, and we are here to support you.

A special word to our Matrics…

I am sure that you are all wondering how the rest of 2020 will develop for you. Try not to plan too far ahead, try not to worry, this is something that you cannot control. Focus on the moment, cope with what you have to do today, and then tomorrow, taking just one step at a time. Keep up with your work as best you can, so that when you do return to school you will not be behind. You have been firmly pushed out of your comfort zones, as have we all, and our lives have changed significantly, but remember, that with every challenge comes opportunity. This is your opportunity to learn to study independently, a skill that is so important in tertiary education. This is your opportunity to learn self-discipline and perseverance, this is your opportunity to rise to the challenge and to shine!

College men are known for their courage, perseverance and for their sense of community. We know that you will make the best of this, you are never alone -remember that we are in this together.

Take care and stay safe.