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Message from our School Counsellor

Message from our School Counsellor

To our 2nd Formers – you have not been left behind…

To all our 2nd Formers

As 2nd formers, you might be feeling that you’re getting left behind having been away from school for so much of the year and your return still being in the realm of the unknown. This was supposed to be the year that College became your school. You are allowed to feel downhearted and frustrated. It is very important to recognise and acknowledge the significance of what you’re experiencing.

You’re probably feeling very restricted and concerned about how this year affects your College career. You’re being tested as no 2nd formers have before. While this might seem unfair, let’s reframe this as an opportunity. You are pioneers of your time in a sense. Times of extreme stress, like a global pandemic, are the times that we’re able to build the most resilience and broaden our horizons in ways that we couldn’t before comprehend. You’ve been given the chance to develop in ways that no College boys before you have. You’ll be the leaders of the school one day and making it through these times is setting you up to take on your future years at College in innovative and interesting ways that we are so excited to witness and be a part of.

Take a moment to think of your favourite song. Think of that feeling that you get when you hear the first few seconds and the moment you recognise that it’s your song. Now think of your College career. Your 2nd form year is only the beginning. At the moment, the volume is very low and you’re probably struggling to hear it and recognise what sound you’re even listening to. But remind yourself the reasons you love your favourite song – the chorus, the lyrics, the power hook, the moment the beat drops. All of these are still to come in your College career – and the whole of Maritzburg College is ready with their instruments and voices to make sure that you make an epic song and have the performance of a lifetime as the frontman of your band because Maritzburg College IS your school!

On the topic of favourite songs, a reminder from your school song:

“Our field of gold, time and again, ignites our hearts, both boys and men,
and WE’LL RETURN from whence we roam
For the glory, for hearth and home”

Take care of yourselves

Mrs Griffiths