Thanks are extended to the following companies and individuals who made this Week possible.

Mr Jonathan Oppenheimer

Hill Cricket balls – Mr Struart Hill and Mr Francois Vermaak

Mrs Heather Lawson and her Kitchen Staff

Our Proud Sponsors

As may be expected, costs have risen enormously over the years. Visiting teams in particular, have had to bear increasingly heavy transport costs. Towards the end of the seventies, the future of the Week, as we know it, was in some jeopardy owing to the increased financial burden. Towards the end of the seventies, the future of the Week, as we know it, was in some jeopardy owing to the increased financial burden. It was in 1979 that Metropolitan Homes Trust in Pietermaritzburg came forward with the money to ensure that the Week could proceed without undue financial hardship to the players involved. That company sponsored six Oppenheimer Michaelmas Weeks and we are very grateful for its generosity and friendliness over that period.

When, early in 1984, Metropolitan Homes Trust found that it could no longer find the money to continue the sponsorship, the future of the Week again became a matter of grave concern. It was then that First National Bank agreed to take over the sponsorship. In 1985, the first First National Bank Michaelmas Invitation Cricket Week was held at Maritzburg College and, at the sponsor’s request, the Week moved to Johannesburg and King Edward VII School for the only time in 1987. This was probably fortuitous as Pietermaritzburg had some of its worst floods in living memory. In 1988 the Week moved back to Pietermaritzburg and this coincided with the 125th Anniversary of Maritzburg College. All in all, First National sponsored ten Oppenheimer Michaelmas Weeks for which the organisers will be eternally grateful. The role played by Mr Ian Dixon and Jackie McGlew in securing the sponsorship for as long as it was maintained, must be  acknowledged.

The catering firm, Kagiso Khulani Supervision Food Services, took over the sponsorship of the Week during their six- year tenure as school caterers. Mandate Meal Management (Pty) Ltd, who were school caterers in 2001 and 2002, sponsored the Week during those years.  In 2003 the sponsors were Jackson’s Sports and Gunn and Moore.

Mr Jonathan Oppenheimer is sponsoring the Week again this year, as he has done since 2004, making this the longest sponsorship period in the history of the Week. This enables us to keep the costs to the players down to a reasonable level. We are indebted to Mr Oppenheimer for his continued interest in schoolboy cricket. The support and generosity from Mr Oppenheimer shows his passion for cricket in South Africa and the development of the game in our country.

Our school caterer since 2003, Heather Lawson (of Granny Mac’s) has very generously sponsored the Managers’ Dinner each year, and this year is no exception. Heather is a great friend of Maritzburg College and we appreciate her financial support enormously.