Naming of the Margaret A'Bear Media Centre | Maritzburg College

Naming of the Margaret A’Bear Media Centre

Naming of the Margaret A’Bear Media Centre

Honoring decades of service to College

On Tuesday 25 August, Maritzburg College was privileged to welcome Margaret A’Bear, former librarian with more than 30 years of service, back to the school. The occasion was to celebrate and honour Mrs A’Bear by naming our Media Centre after her. Mrs A’Bear, together with her sons; Craig and Grant, joined current and retired staff and our Archive Committee at the naming ceremony.

Mrs A’Bear was one of the pioneers of female teaching staff when she was appointed in 1962 to be the librarian and held the position until her retirement in 1994 – an incredible life-long commitment to a calling that she obviously loved. The impact that she had on so many young College men is indelible, with many of our OCs attesting to their love for reading thanks to Margaret’s passion. Testament to this is the number of glowing comments on Facebook from Old Boys as well as Old Girls from Russell High where she helped out. On her retirement, Mrs A’Bear was not lost to College as she has served with dedication on the Archives Committee for decades.

On behalf of College, we wish to thank her once again most sincerely once again for her selfless service in our school for almost seven decades which is an incredible commitment second to none. Thank you Mrs A’Bear, from the many College boys who’s lives you have helped shape and grow!

It is indeed highly appropriate that we acknowledge Margaret during Women’s Month, and it is my distinct pleasure to name the Media Centre in honour of Mrs Margaret A’ Bear


Prayer for the Blessing of the Media Centre

Our Father in Heaven we ask that you would bless the naming of the Media Centre as the Margaret A’Bear Media Centre as we acknowledge the contribution that Margaret  made in her tenure of 32 years as the librarian

Bless the boys and teachers who have gone before and those who will be continue to take literature to new unparalleled heights

Bless this new chapter in the life of our beloved College and its facilities environment
In your name we pray

Margaret A’Bear then unveiled the plaque in the entranceway of the Media Centre, naming it the Margaret A’Bear Media Centre.