October & November activities | Maritzburg College

October & November activities

October & November activities

Branch events, Induction, 150th Rugby anniversary and more…

From a rather sedentary year, the MCOBA activities have ramped up significantly over the past few weeks and it looks like every OC on our database is planning to be involved in some sort of activity over the next few weeks.

After only a single Branch function for the year to date (the Visit to Parliament in Cape Town back in February) we have had the Western Cape chilling on a breath-taking Camps Bay beach, Kokstad out on the golf course and having a family event around the braai fires already. Not to be outdone, Underberg, North Coast and Durban are all having function in the coming weeks. Celebrating 150 years of Rugby Union in South Africa (and arguably the first game of 15 man Rugby Union on the African continent) with our old rivals and friends from Hermannsburg was a milestone event that will be remembered by the attendees for a long time. Gifts were exchanged and a beautiful oak clock presented by Hermannsburg is now proudly displayed will all the other OC memorabilia in the Kent Pavillion.

The biggest news for 2021 has been the finalisation and announcement of Reunion Day which is planned for 8 May 2021. This is going to be a bumper year, as we are planning to make up for lost time, and have a “double header” by accommodating those anniversary years who missed out in 2020 – in addition to the anniversary years already planned for 2021. The fixtures will be against fellow Maritzburg Schools – with the first teams competing against the ascendant St Charles College (or as Skonk fondly referred to them – the Amalakites of biblical fame who should never be taken lightly). We look forward to hosting you and your families as you return to College for an incredibly special occasion.

One of my personal highlights as a member of the Exec is the Induction ceremony where the newest group of old boys are welcomed into our Association – namely the current 6th Form class. Given that we had to make some changes to accommodate the government regulations for social distancing, the stirring and emotional ceremony was again a highlight of the year and ended with a wonderful beverage service provided by the Goldstones Club. This really topped off an extremely memorable evening with some wonderful camaraderie amongst the parents and old boys.

The MCOBA has provided a financial contribution to the school co-curricular program and has made a donation to the Rugby development  program for the use in developing coaches, structures and facilities  within the school. This is timeous and with the appointment of a new Director of Rugby to replace Kevin Smith (1985). Kevin has moved to the Manager of College Business within the school and plays an even closer role with the MCOBA and OC community. This has been facilitated largely by the Weaner project that many faithful and committed farmers contribute towards.

Planning for 2021 is well under way and a strategic planning session will be held early in the new year. I urge you as an OC – wherever you are – to get involved in the Association. We are always looking for people to host an event around the world (even if it is only a handful of guys in your neck of the world), people to co-ordinate year groups and, making sure that you are part of a class whatsapp group and that your contact details are up to date. Please share this message with other OCs you know, as they may well not be receiving these via email or social media.

I look forward to hearing back from you and wish you a successful and productive run up to the year end break and scramble to complete annual targets and goals before the Christmas period. Stay safe and Keep in Touch.

Pro aris et Focis

Grant Little