Sports Facilities at Maritzburg College

At Maritzburg College we are fortunate to enjoy a variety of top quality facilities spread over our extensive campus. Catering to a wide range of sporting, educational and cultural needs, our facilities development team are constantly planning ahead and developing the campus to ensure our boys are well catered for.

Our campus offers six full sport fields (with access to another six) as well as a 30m swimming and water polo pool and an international standard, water-based hockey astroturf.

Two squash courts are located adjacent to the Indoor Sports Centre, and outdoor cricket nets are located at two of our sports fields. We also have seven tennis courts adjacent to the boarding houses.

The Alan Paton Memorial Hall is a dual purpose facility that houses two indoor basketball courts. The venue is used for school assembly as well as for table tennis. We also have another two outdoor basketball courts to cater to this very popular sport.

We are fortunate to be in close proximity to the Dusi River, the home of the Natal Canoe Club, where our boys are able to train and develop their canoeing and paddling skills. They are able to store their boats at the Club, which is within walking distance of the school.

The Kent Pavilion is located on Goldstone’s, our main rugby and cricket field, and houses covered seating for spectators as well as cloakrooms, a kitchen for serving teas and snacks, and a first aid room.

Elevated above the hockey astro is the Pape’s Pavilion, which is the ideal spot for spectators to enjoy the game and also offers players and officials well-equipped change rooms and offices.

Shooting is offered indoors at our competition-ready shooting range.

Our school’s fabled Goldstone’s field, used for both rugby and cricket, has launched many young sportsmen into
provincial and national sporting arenas.

Ron Jury Sports Centre

The Ron Jury Sports Centre is an indoor, multipurpose facility that boasts an indoor cricket training facility, a multipurpose sports astro, change rooms and ablutions.

It also houses our High Performance Sports Centre and gym, where boys are guided by a full time Biokinetisist who assists them with general physical health advice and customised training programmes to ensure that these sportsmen are properly conditioned for their chosen sport.