The Pastoral Care Programme at Maritzburg College

Pastoral Care at Maritzburg College is a whole-school programme working towards building a community within the school, creating supportive systems and positive relations between all members of the Maritzburg College community, and promoting a strong ethos of mutual care and concern – a brotherhood or a sense of brothers for life.

At Maritzburg College, our programme aims to enhance for each boy his:

  • health, safety and well-being
  • academic growth
  • development of self-discipline
  • building of resilience
  • gaining of self confidence in social interactions
  • practising of leadership

Code of Conduct for Learners at Maritzburg College

The Pastoral Care Programme includes:

  • a formal Pastoral Care curricula educating boys on College values and psycho-social issues during formalised, timetabled Mentoring lessons
  • mentoring on a one on one basis during some Mentoring lessons to build a healthy pupil-staff relationship
  • an individual focus with reaction, intervention and prevention programmes in place to serve pupils with difficulties or challenges in their lives