Fun in the Sun - Our 2020 Virtus Challenge | Maritzburg College

Fun in the Sun – Our 2020 Virtus Challenge

Fun in the Sun – Our 2020 Virtus Challenge

Virtus Challenge Results

Every year, College holds the annual Virtus Challenge where our 10 day houses compete in a number of sporting activities held in and around Barns. The houses are judged not just for their sport prowess but also for their team spirit, team work and uniformity of their House.

Senior and junior teams compete in the College Run, 100m Dash, Tug of War, Obstacle Course, Pool Dash Relay and Soccer Mania.

Well done to Commons and Strachan who have laid down the challenge for the year coming tie first in the Challenge. Commons are not letting go of where they finished last year as overall House champions.

House Final Points Final Placing
Commons 50.5 1
Strachan 50.5 1
Calder 49.5 3
Forder 48.5 4
Snow 47.5 5
Nicholson 47 6
Barns 46.5 7
Fuller 44 8
Pape 43.5 9
Lamond 42.5 10

Borver Week Results

Our new Forms 2’s competed for their Houses for the first time during their Borver Week. Well done to the Borvers from Commons and Calder on their very good start!

Form 2 Gala Results

1st           Commons
2nd          Calder
3rd           Forder/Strachan
5th           Papes
6th           Lamonds
7th           Snow
8th           Nicholson
9th           Barns
10th         Fuller