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The Rugby Report #2

The Rugby Report #2

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Dear Old Collegian,

Well, at least there are rumblings now that there may be the semblance of a rugby season for College this year. Let’s hope that that is the case. It’s not clear yet whether we will be able to attend in person, but attempts are being made in any event trying to again set up the broadcast link to enable supporters to watch games on Goldstones and perhaps Snows, remotely.

I was privileged to be able to read a 118-page PowerPoint presentation put together by our new Director of Rugby, Hein Kriek. This blueprint details, inter alia, how Hein expects College to play this year, our culture, various aspects of play such as scrums, lineout, mails etc and what he expects from each player, not only on the field but also off the field to remain good ambassadors for College. It also deals with several interpretations of the laws of rugby and how referees apply the laws. The Blueprint for me, demonstrates just how deeply Hein thinks about the game, and emphasises his attention to detail and will to win. We are indeed fortunate to have him at the helm. Word is too, that the coaches are very encouraged by his interactive and collaborative management style. His grand plan has been distilled into a pithy, but very clear, manual for each coach to take and then apply his own touch to, depending on the resources that the coach has at his disposal.

Hein is very happy with the way the off-season and pre -season strength and conditioning programme training his gone, so our boys ought to be in great shape to start the season. He is now looking for means of monitoring boys’ performances to ensure they remain in peak condition to play at their best throughout the season.

The College coaches for the upcoming season have been appointed, and once again the outstanding young duo of Cameron Fraser and Goi le Roux are at the helm of the 1st XV. The first team squad is extremely talented this year and with Hein Kriek giving overall direction, the College1st XV ought to be in for a good season this year. College is fortunate to have a wonderful array of exceptionally talented coaches across the board. Taking charge of the Under 16 A are the proven OC duo of Tim Orchard and Drikus Hoffman. The under 15 A will be under the guidance of Ricky Chirengende and Graeme Stewart, and the Under 14 A are in the capable hands of Stevie Botha, ably assisted by Adam Usher.

On the fundraising front, Bruce Lesur is in full swing with the Weaner project, so if any of you would like to participate in this very worthy scheme, please get in touch with him. If we can get the broadcast up and running, we will most certainly be making an appeal to Old Collegians to support the school in advertising on the live rugby broadcast channel. We hope to get viewership over the 10 000 per week mark very quickly if we do, so it will be wonderful exposure for any business.  We will keep you informed about this.

In conclusion, Hein’s report follows. I am sure as the season gets into swing many more of you will have comments and queries, so please keep them coming but don’t forget to channel them through Bruce and I, and we will try to get answers from Hein and the College rugby staff.

Until next month,
Asha Mazambane!
Peter Rodseth (


From Hein Kriek (Director of Rugby)

With the 1st term of school halfway and the Easter long weekend around the corner, we are still awaiting the much-anticipated DBE Gazette to clear us to start with contact sport.  With that in mind, a mandatory 4 weeks of contact training needs to be followed before we will be seeing any action of the fields at College.

With Covid-19 regulations of non-contact training still hanging over our heads, the various age groups of High-Performance squads are busy with condition in the HP Centre and core skills on the fields.

As part of the kick-off of the 2021 season a workshop was held at the Kent Pavilion for all the College coaches, followed by a family braai to welcome the new season…when it happens.

The core purpose of the workshop was:

  1. Establishing our ‘WHY’ as coaches
  2. How do we take the ‘next step’ and elevate College rugby in the future?
  3. Agree on the core principles of the College Blueprint for 2021-2023

The following is a summary and will be the basis of which coaches will work from.


“Maritzburg College without a doubt has a very rich rugby history which stretches back all the way to 1870 when College played their first ever schoolboy rugby game against Hermannsberg, to having an Old Collegiate in every World Cup winning Squad.

 At College we refer to our boys as student athletes as that is what they are first and foremost.  Coaching rugby is an extension from the classroom to the field of play.

 Playing rugby for College will be a life changing experience itself whether it is on the field or off it.

 Our aim for College Rugby is to ignite the inner rugby spark in each player through the excitement of the sport and the enthusiasm of the coaches.

 We focus on a holistic development approach as the foundation of the core values at College, by making sure each boy enjoys their time in the Red, Black and White jersey, working towards the common goal of wearing the White Badge one day.

We strive to have a positive impact on each player by empowering coaches to play a mentorship role in each boy’s life.

Ultimately we strive to produce passionate, proud yet humble and confident young men who can use their sporting ability to possibly further their education and career through this beautiful game.”

Wishing you all a blessed Easter.
Stay safe when traveling and may we receive good news soon on return to play.

Pro Aris et Focis

Hein Kriek, Director of Rugby
Maritzburg College