Sixth Form Accountancy Investment Challenge | Maritzburg College

Sixth Form Accountancy Investment Challenge

Sixth Form Accountancy Investment Challenge

College’s financial whizz kids at work…

Our 6th form Accounting learners recently participated in a 5 week investment challenge.

They were given R250 000 of virtual monies to invest in at least 3 JSE traded shares as well as at least one Crypto currency.

The learners had to research the background of each investment as well as present their reasons for choosing the respective investments. This involved analysing the financial statements of each company and assessing it for future capital growth. During the 5 week period, learners had to track the value of the investments and could buy and sell them on a weekly basis in order to maximise the value of their portfolio.

The learners demonstrated insight in their choice of investments, with only 6% of the Grade realised a loss. The overall majority managed to increase their portfolio value during the 5 week period and many showed an affinity for selecting their specific Crypto currencies.

We trust there will be some interesting conversations over the dinner table about what do with their monthly pocket money from now on.

Congratulations to L. Magwaza who achieved the highest overall growth. He managed to increase his portfolio value from R250 000 to R341 852 over the 5 week period – an impressive 36.7% return. He is awarded a month of Zarm’s at the Zarm Farm for his efforts.