Sporting Awards February 2020 | Maritzburg College

Sporting Awards February 2020

Sporting Awards February 2020

Summer Sport Awards

Congratulations to the boys who were recognised with sporting awards recently, following their excellent performances across of range of sporting codes.

 Large White Badge
Cycling                                  CD Mcdaniel                       [Snow]
Chess                                    SD Hlatswayo                     [Forder]
Swimming                           S Goebel                              [Barns]
K Hardy                              [Nicholson
A Heydenrych                   [Fuller]
SD Horne                           [Calder]
H Kemp                              [Commons]
CD Osborne                        [Commons]
MR Palmer                          [Forder]
L Tyler                                   [Barns]

Basketball                           QA Mkhize                          [Barns]
NTU Mthombeni              [Fuller]
MJ Spooner                        [Snow]
Chess                                    N Whatmore                      [Lamond]
Cycling                                 AC Sellick                             [Lamond]
Shooting                              RI Goble                               [Lamond]
Swimming                           JL Van der Merwe            [Nicholson]
Table Tennis                       Q Govender                       [Forder]

Basketball                           N Ngcobo                            [Fuller]