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Subs Appeal

Subs Appeal

A request from the MCOBA President, Mr Grant Little

Dear Fellow OC

Our Association runs 100% off the contributions from us old boys. Even during the disruptive year of 2020, we managed to make some significant changes to the MCOBA office in order to better serve your needs as an Old Collegian.

We have already started 2021 with a strategy session to ensure that we are meeting your needs. With 2021 looking like another confusing year with regards to planning, the main emphasis will be ENGAGEMENT & COMMUNICATION.

To this end, a number of sessions were held with a wide cross section of OCs towards the end of 2020. This has fed into the strategy and you can look forward to the following in the near future:

  • An improved website which will include a seamless feedback system so that you can share news and updates;
  • The online shop which will include options for Reunion and branch functions, memorabilia, gifts and the payment of your subs;
  • Regular newsletters with relevant news, we really are relying on you to send us information on yourself, your fellow OCs and other interesting topics for the team to use;
  • The introduction of a Telegram information sharing system;
  • Further improvements to our database to ensure your details are correct, relevant and secure;
  • Online sessions on a diverse range of topics from self-help, photography, sports, history and just general interest.
  • Branch functions across the globe, obviously this is going to be driven by local social distancing guidelines, but we have heard your need to meet locally,
  • Reunion, this is still on track, although we are awaiting final direction from the Department of Education and the South African government regarding regulations around school boy sport and social gatherings (watch this space);
  • Another online AGM allowing our participation in MCOBA matters across the country and across the globe (only paid-up members have voting rights at the AGM).

It is certainly a very exciting time to be involved in the MCOBA and I am encouraged that we are in a very clear move from the old school “country club” model to a far more vibrant and relevant organisation that serves all your needs, no matter what your age, locality or level of involvement in the school. After all, this is about us as old boys and ensuring that we remain connected to our friends and fellow Collegians.

Subs for 2021 are:

  • R450 for membership
  • R150 for pensioners
  • R30,000 for Life Membership


All payments can be made at – – and this includes multiple payment options (including international payments).

I thank you for your continued support of the MCOBA and appreciate your payment. We, as the Executive Committee, look forward to being able to continue to serve you and our esteemed Association.

Stay safe and I look forward to engaging with you in the coming year.

Pro Aris et Focis
Grant Little