Summary results of the e-learning survey and COVID-19 update | Maritzburg College

Summary results of the e-learning survey and COVID-19 update

Summary results of the e-learning survey and COVID-19 update

Our Headmaster, Mr Chris Luman, highlights results from the recent on-line learning survey with the boys & provides a school COVID-19 situation update

20th April 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians

RE: e-learning SURVEY RESULTS and COVID -19 update

Thank you to those of you who are able to support your son’s academic endeavour during this stressful time for you and your family. We realise that it is not easy to balance your own personal circumstances, and ensure that your son is continuing to do his school work under very difficult conditions.

We attach for your consideration the feedback from the recent survey conducted with the boys to establish credible data on how effective the e-learning programme has been to date, and any issues and concerns that there are.

Lockdown Challenges survey results from College boys

  • 62% of boys completed the survey
  • internet speed is the major online difficulty reported (54%), followed by access to data (31%)
  • 42% of boys had more than 50GB available for April, but 23% of boys had 1GB or less
  • 42% of boys feel that they will definitely be able to purchase more data for April, while 6% report that this will not be possible
  • 71% of boys reported that they are currently using most of their data for schoolwork
  • 56% of boys are spending 2-4 hours a day on schoolwork
  • 61% indicate that understanding of content is their major difficulty, and 75% report that powerpoints with voice-overs help significantly with their understanding
  • 75% of boys have engaged with their teachers via MS Teams, WhatsApp or email, and 84% report that their teachers have responded to them

May I ask that you communicate with your son’s teachers by email if there are any problems that you or he is currently experiencing, so that they can assist where possible. Furthermore, please ensure that he continues to work on the tasks provided and submits either online, by email or WhatsApp. This will help ensure that there is less pressure on him to do a catch-up when we return to school.

Finally, with regards to when schools will reopen, we are awaiting an announcement by the Minister later in the week which will hopefully provide us with necessary information and guidance. We do realise that this is dependent on how well we as a country have managed to curb the spread of COVID-19, and on the President’s decision and announcement.

In the meantime, please take full advantage of what is ultimately a blessing and spend quality time with your sons. We encourage you to watch the Dad Goals video from Craig Wilkinson who spoke at College a little while ago, in which he gives parents and especially male role models, 5 valuable and practical ways to support your boys

God Bless

Pro Aris et Focis