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Tribute to Fathers

Tribute to Fathers

A Message to our Fathers

As a father and grandfather, I am truly blessed to have three boys and a daughter as well as four grandchildren [ two boys and two girls].

Unfortunately, all the boys and two of the grandchildren live in Australasia, which makes it very difficult to spend time physically with them, so one has to make use of the technology that is available to us to stay in touch.

I am fortunate that my daughter lives in Pretoria with her husband, son and daughter and I do get to see them occasionally .

Today is Father’s Day and an opportunity to touch base with all the children and grandchildren hopefully around the globe via skype, whatsapp and/or Facebook messenger.

I realise that even though my family is spread far and  wide, I am blessed to have them as part of my life and for that I am very grateful .

But today I would like to send a message to the fathers and grandfathers of our College boys.

The past 85 odd days families have been under lockdown and there have been both positives and negatives because of this no doubt.

One of the significant  positives should have been the opportunity to spend quality time with one another and especially for fathers and sons to reconnect and improve the bond between them.

As per the literature and research, sons during their teenage years, need their fathers more than ever as they tread their path through adolescence into manhood.

A message from a son to his father:

Some dads tell their sons to be strong, and some dads tell their sons to be successful.
Some dads tell their sons to be rich, and some dads tell their sons to be confident.|
My dad has brought me up telling me to be honest as a person and loving as a partner.
Thanks, Dad, for teaching me the core values of life.

I wish to thank all the fathers out there for making a difference in your son’s lives on a daily basis

Thank you for being there for him
Thank you for being his hero
Thank you for showing a sense of humour and laughing

It is important for you to know that even though your sons may not verbalise it enough, they do appreciate what you do for them.

For the sons out there:  if you have not thanked your dad for what he does for you, please do so today and also do something to show your appreciation and love for him.

We will now end off with a song by Cat Stevens sung by College Staff and boys dedicated to their Dads ‘Father and Son” – LINK