Update from the Headmaster (July 2020) | Maritzburg College

Update from the Headmaster (July 2020)

Update from the Headmaster (July 2020)

Re-opening of School & School calendar

At the time of writing, I cannot confirm any more details apart from what follows with regards to the re-opening of our school. I fully understand and appreciate your obvious frustration, which I can assure you is shared. It certainly does not make for the running of an effective school with all the unknowns and lack of answers:

  1. ALL 6th formers to return to school on Monday 3rd August
  2. Other forms will be informed ASAP when they must return, and we request that BE parents be prepared to move quickly, as we want our boys back at school as soon as possible. For example, one or two more forms might be called back by Wednesday next week. BE boys in other forms who live out of province can return to the BE if travelling is a problem and they will be supervised.
  3. A new calendar of adjusted dates for the rest of the year is due to be released imminently.
  4. Further information re: the curriculum and exams will be forthcoming.
  5. An update on Online Learning will be circulated by Monday at the latest.
  6. A reminder that if your son is showing any signs of flu–like symptoms, he is NOT to be sent back to school please. All the clearly defined regulations regarding COVID-19 MUST be adhered to at all times and we plead for your support,  so that the school can remain open for the rest of the year [barring any official school holidays]  and is not closed due to infractions by staff, boys and /or parents.


Sadly, it is time to bid a number of staff farewell as they open new chapters in their lives

Mrs Sandra Thorpe, our Librarian, leaves College after 7 years of dedication and commitment to the Media Centre;

Mr Jason Greeff, our Biokineticist, leaves us after 5 years of dedication and commitment in the sports department and in particular assisting our high performance boys in the various codes;

Mrs Louise Snyman retires after 15 years of tireless effort, passion and commitment in the College Shoppe, and she will be sorely missed by the boys, parents and wider College community;

Mr Piet Snyman retires after 20 years of commitment and dedicated service  to College in a number  of areas. Mr Snyman was appointed initially as a Mathematics Teacher and a BE Master in College House and then assumed the mantle as Superintendent and ran it with a tight rein [hence the in-house name of Alcatraz by the boys] for 15 years, seeing its transformation into Elliott House before handing over to Mr Fraser.

As a sign of appreciation and gratitude to Mr Snyman, the common room in Elliott House has been named after him in a special ceremony held this week – a well- deserved honour. Mr Snyman’s efforts were not only focussed in the classroom and the BE, but also as a very successful provincial and 1st XV rugby coach and more recently as the MIC of a highly successful golfing team.   We wish Mr and Mrs Snyman a well-earned retirement as they move to the South Coast and enjoy the sea and spending time with their grandchildren and family.


Our school counsellor, Mrs Cassidy Griffiths has written to both our 2nd form boys and their parents. The essence of the message is to reach out and support boys who are yet to return to College following the start of the COVID-19 lockdown, and have had to do all their learning on-line. Starting high school comes with its own stresses and challenges, and these have been exacerbated by the pandemic. This is the time for listening, patience and empathy, and to know that you are not alone. We want our 2nd form boys to know that they are very much part of the College family, and have not been left behind. Please contact Mrs Griffiths if you have concerns or need someone to talk to (griffithsc@mcollege.co.za)

I wish you all good health and stay safe as we continue to traverse these very difficult times.

God Bless

Pro Aris et Focis